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Crazy Bars



The VO Crazy Bars are intended for touring on paved and unpaved roads, single and double track, gravel and crushed limestone, and everything in between.

The main, swept back section provides excellent control and leverage on rough and tumble surfaces, while the the bullhorn section offers an aero position for smoother roads and headwinds. The junction of the horns and sweeps feels similar to being on the hoods of drop bars and makes for a nice, neutral position.

The main bar uses a 22.2mm grip area so MTB grips, levers, and shifters fit. The "horns" are 23.8mm, so road components like bar ends and inverse levers are compatible. The stem clamp area is 31.8mm.

Crazy Bars are made from 6061 aluminum and are heat treated. Weight is a reasonable 532g. They are MTB-rated and available in sand-blasted Silver and Noir.


  • Width: 780mm
  • Sweep: 35 deg
  • Rise: 40mm
  • Grip length: 205mm
  • Horn Width: 400mm
  • Horn Length: 110mm
  • Stem Clamp: 31.8mm
  • Grip (sweeps): 22.2mm
  • Grip (extensions): 23.8mm
  • Weight: 532g

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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Mark Grundy
Great for bikepacking

After waiting 12 months for availability, bought two for a Smalll and a Medium Surly Karate Monkey, replacing regular flatbars. Great fit without cutting, worked perfectly for climbs and headwinds, while rise and sweep were great for tour-style off-roading. Extra rise strained the front hydraulic line, so just fitted a new line. Everything else just worked.

No idea why you'd want to, but you can sprint on a K-Monk using Crazybar bullhorns. A mighty 40kph on plus-sized Dirt Wizards (or 51kph downhill on bitumen with Johnny Watts.) Perhaps not why you'd buy them but no reason not to enjoy them! ;)

Thomas Friedlander

Hello…thanks for reaching out.
I’m in the process of building my 2021 Kona Sutra ltd so I haven’t put any miles on the new crazy bar yet. Will be sure to tag you in my IG post once the bike is done and I’ve put a few kilometers into the bars.

Jason Buckner
Goldilocks bars!

Finally the perfect bars for my commuter! Started with the Jones H Bar and it was great, but a bit too upright for commuting and probably best for a cruiser style ride. Then went to the Surley Moloko bars, which were also great but a bit more aggressive than I wanted for my commuter. They didn't have enough rise for what I wanted. The Crazy Bars were the perfect mix between those two bars. Enough rise to be relatively upright but not too much. The horns are perfect and really felt just like being on the hoods of a drop bar. Tons of space on the bar for other hand positions and gear.

Mark Thomas
Everything Bars

These bars are everything I hoped they would be. They offer a lot of stability, comfort, versatility, and adaptability.

Stability: These give great control on bumpy descents and better steering at low speeds. They are especially good when riding front-loaded. The horns are far enough apart to feel comfortable using them to climb out of the saddle.
Comfort: With the brakes set halfway up, you effectively have 5-6 hand positions and they are all very comfortable. The horns take a little getting used to, but after a few rides they feel very natural.
Versatility: You can run them with bar tape, grips, tape and grips, bar end shifters, grip shifters, thumbies, brakes halfway up or all the way up to the horns; there are a lot of combinations. Also, you can get very upright and very aero in the same ride.
Adaptability: I was able to swap these directly onto a bike with a drop bar setup without changing the stem or saddle position. I can only speak for how well they work on my bike, but considering the changes required with other alt bars, that's pretty great.

Tom Hudson
Unique and useful.

good rise, good sweep, extensions far enough apart to be useful. the bars also have an unexpected very nice finish to them.

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