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Sensah SRX Integrated 1x Shifter/Brake Lever Set, 11 Speed



1x (1 by) drivetrains are easy to maintain, quick to set up, and are simple enough for anyone to hop into. And so, they are great for commuting, touring, and general adventuring.

With the Sensah SRX Pro shifter/brake lever set, the right lever shifts the 11 speed rear derailleur and the left lever is simply a brake.

The shifting action is light and provides a satisfying derailleur clunk with each downshift and is quick to move up to 3 gears at a time with a full sweep of the lever.

Routing for both the derailleur and brake is aero (under the tape). And each lever's reach is adjustable with a 2.5mm screw. 

If you're 1x curious, looking to put a modern drivetrain on your older bike, or just want a quality shifting system, the Sensah SRX integrated shifter/brake levers are just for you. 

  • In the box: Left brake lever, right shift/brake lever, 2 road brake cables
  • Drivetrain speeds: 1x11 speed
  • Up/down shift: 3 with full sweep, 1 down
  • Reach adjustable: Yes
  • Weight: 428g for the pair

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Ross Kelly
Good stuff cheap

I decided to give the Sensah SRX shifters and derailleur a try on a Pass Hunter build using a Shimano 11 speed cassette I had in the parts bin. I have only done a few rides thus far, but the Sensah Components seem to work well with the Shimano cassette and the Sensah parts have a nice finish. The shifter has a bit more of mechanical shift feel than contemporary Shimano, but I like it! The brake lever hoods seemed like they would be a bit loose, but were fine once my bars were wrapped. I would def buy more Sensah components in the future!

Dmitri Rumschlag
best budget gravel group.

wow as a shop owner Ive seen this product but have been weary about ordering from alibaba in the past. ive done quite a few builds with these since you guys have started stocking them and both the flat bar and drop setups work like a dream! thanks alot!

Ivan Arnot
They just work, why can't all others.

This is from a Bike Shop Owner who uses these on his Gravel and Road Endurance frame up builds. Yes, I know these are what State is also supposed to be stocking on their gravel bikes, but I think these are of a higher build quality in every way as the real deal from Sensah. Just so very smooth, such a killer price, and every build I've done with them; people coming from Sram or Shimano have been very impressed, plus that 11-46 gear range...! Or toss on the trigger shifter for swoopy bar or risers without any pull ratio issue like other companies. I mean, Velo Orange, you should have kept this a secret for your Dealers, just so we can actually get product and do nice builds for people. Couple Fyxation builds to peep, but keep a lookout on our Facebook (The Illiterate Cyclist) for a killer Polyvalent build at the end of Aug. 21

The Illiterate Cyclist (

Will Ford
Good quality

From my understanding these were designed by sram engineers. They feel good and function just fine so far. I bought these along with the derailleur and cassette for my all city super professional. The one thing I thought was a little bad was that there were very small nicks in the paint on both levers, I believe this to be the fault of the manufacturer and not Velo orange. They shipped quick and work great, would recommend to anyone!

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