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Grand Cru Quill Stem



The Grand Cru Quill Stem is made using a custom one-piece steel quill and extension. The clamp is welded onto the extension, and the weld is hand-filed smooth on top. This results in a strong, yet light, stem with a classic shape.

There is a 5mm boss on the drive side for mounting a Brass Temple Bell (installation instructions here). Not compatible with the Striker Bell.


  • Clamp: 26.0mm
  • Quill Diameter: 22.2mm (for 1" steerer)
  • Angle: -17deg
  • Height above insert: 120mm
  • Total Height: 180mm
  • Weight: 385g (100mm size)

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
grand cru quill stem review

this has got to be the best answer since the days of the european-made "titan" stems of yesterday!

quality at least as good as a nitto - maybe is costs less than half because there's no badge on top?

dimensions, fit and finish all first rate - would recommend to any other like-minded cyclist!

Funny you should ask...

I was disappointed with my Grand Cru Quill Stem. It did not come up to the standards that I have expected from Velo Orange. The stem showed ‘dimpling’ in the metal surface of the extension part. I have been a frequent customer of VO, starting with the purchase of a fabulous Campeur frameset in 2017. But as I live in Australia, return postage costs for a sub-standard item are expensive. That has not been a problem until now because quality has been evident. Not this time though.

Grand Cru Quill Stem

Perfect and super stiff!

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