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Handlebar to Bottle Cage Mount


$4.20  $7.50

New, just overstocked on them.

Our lovely VO bottle cage mount allows you to affix water bottle cages on your handlebars. They are made of extruded aluminum and are intended for city bikes, so they fit bars up to 25.4mm.

(I know some of will want to use them on the 26mm "sleeved" road bars. In that case you'll need to file just a touch off the top edge of the "hinge" section so it opens a liitle wider. Of course, it's no problem to use them on "bulged" road bars.)

    Customer Reviews

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    Works great

    This is great for mounting your bottle cages on either side of the bar. I wanted something that could mount the cage on the back of the handle bar since I have a Ortlieb ultimate six taking up space on the front. I just added a wolf tooth extension to keep the bottle high and away from my thigh when pedaling standing up.

    Handlebar bottle cage mount brackets

    I've attempted to make handlebar mounts, which took waaaayyyy more effort than they were worth. These handy brackets hold the bottle cage to handlebars very well, are simply executed, and reflect an ethos of functional simplicity that goes well with the vintage bicycles I build and maintain. Sure hope the stainless wire cages come back in stock soon, too.

    These work well !

    I love these even though they put the cage and bottles high above the bars effecting handling stability. The solution is to fabricate narrow aluminum strips to attach to the mounts with flat headed screws then drill and tap these plates further down the strips to mount the cages. Below is an example using another style HB mount but the concept is the same. I've done it with several styles on the market today. The cage on the left is as purchased and the cage on the right has my modifications.
    A significant lowering can be achieved that noticeably improves stability

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