Fall in Love With These Fall Necessities

by Igor Shteynbuk

The Fall equinox was this past weekend and you know what that means - it's something we're all excited about. That's right...Pumpkin sp...*ehm*... I mean Fender Season! It's rainy here in Maryland, and while my Polyvalent has them permanently affixed year-round, lots of folks are ready to put their fenders on lest you want *dundundunnnnn* mud butt...

mud butt skunk tail

Some context for the above image. That was taken in 2017 at Eurobike. It was pouring rain and loads of people rode from their lodgings to the event. This poor soul did not have fenders on his bike. I have edited the photo so he remains anonymous. We had fenders on our Polyvalents. And while our coats we were a bit damp from the rain, our butts stayed dry.

velo orange touring bike polyvalent 650b steel is real bikes with fenders mudguards honjo simworks rene herse

So in honor of the season, here are 4 things we think you need for your Fall riding!


velo orange pass hunter with fenders mudguards honjo rene herse simworks

Not only do VO Fenders bring the appearance of your bike up a full notch, they are downright useful. They keep you dry and they keep your drivetrain far cleaner than without. We offer several sizes and widths to fit your bike and your tires. Generally speaking, you want at least 10mm of difference in the width of your tires and fenders. So if you're running 47mm tires, go for 58mm fenders. If you're running 32mm tires, go with 45mm. 

Here's a blog post we did with a before and after of fender mounting - a Spray Analysis. I'd highly recommend reading this if you're on the fence about fenders!


velo orange fenders mudguards honjo simworks

Alright! You have your fenders. They're not only for you, but also your riding friends. Noone likes road crud to the face, so the Mud Flap makes sure any errant spray is kept to an absolute minimum. And just in time, we're now offering our vegan Mud Flaps in a Tan color!

velo orange vegan mudflap leather crust rivendell honjo rene herse sim works


velo orange fenders mudguards honjo simworks

The pièce de résistance for your fender mounting is the Fender Reflector. A little jewel that sits on your fender and installs quickly with a single screw.


Visto Triangles

Visto Triangles are handmade in California from reflective 3M Scotchlite, reflective vinyl, and stretchy paracord so they are made to last. Installation is super simple without any tools. You can mount them pretty much anywhere you want to be seen like your saddle, saddle bag, fender, or backpack. 

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