About Velo Orange

Excellent products | Superb value | Outstanding service

At Velo Orange (VO), we believe bicycles should put smiles on faces. We believe that a good bike should provide comfort, utility, and enjoyment.

Since 2006, VO has designed and distributed bicycle frames, components, and accessories to promote Happy Riding. And whether you're the type of rider who gets their happy from grueling it out on a rutted gravel trail, prefers stopping at cafes during an extended tour, enjoys riding to the park with the family, or commuting to work, VO is here to help you dial in your setup and equipment for maximum fun.

Today, VO has over 1500 authorized dealers around the world and our products can be found on nearly every continent - we're still working on finding a dealer in Antarctica.

Please understand that Velo Orange is an unusual business offering diverse products that may not run parallel to what you'd see from many mainstream companies and shops. We often design products that we want ourselves, as ever-evolving riders. As such, we'll always welcome any suggestions for new products and ideas to improve our existing offerings.

As always, thanks for your support.

Happy Riding,

Igor Shteynbuk and Adrian Nelson (Co-Owners)