Fender Installation - Let's Build a Rando Bike! - Part 3

by Igor Shteynbuk

In Part 3 of our Let's Build a Rando Bike series, we go through the step-by-step installation of our 650b 52mm Zeppelin Fenders on our Pass Hunter Frameset!

But why even run fenders (or mudguards if you're in the UK)? Well, you'll find your bike far more useful. You won't get a wet streak up your back every time you ride through a puddle. Your feet will no longer be soaking wet just because the road is damp. And you'll stay drier in anything but heavy rain. Additionally, people riding behind you will be happier because you aren't slinging road grime into their teeth. Lastly, Your drivetrain will also be significantly cleaner and happier. Which means you won’t have to spend as much money fixing and replacing parts.

I'll admit, this video has been needed for a while, and I'm glad we've finished it up. If there is something else you'd like us to do instructions for, let us know! Until then, give the video a watch!

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