Scott's Pass Hunter

by Igor Shteynbuk

velo orange pass hunter

Five months after acquiring my frame and carefully selecting bits and pieces my Pass Hunter build is complete.

I want to start by thanking you for taking the time out of your day to read this. Building a compete bicycle from frame up has energized my life. I’ve never done anything like this before, in fact never really liked working on bikes much. Your instructional videos helped tremendously as well as videos from Park Tool. Definitely a learning experience. The videos and support from VO is one of the reasons for choosing a Pass Hunter over framesets from Crust or Rivendell, even though they no doubt have a quality product as well. 

On to my build and choices. It’s always a great idea to repurpose parts where you can, therefore from my parts bin came the alloy seat mast, Shimano mtb pedals, FSA handlebar, Blackburn stainless bottle cages, and from my buddy Chuck a Brooks saddle.

velo orange pass hunter

Other none VO parts include the Sector Wheelset coming in quite lite @ 1500g, Tiagra front derailleur, Acera rear derailleur, Panaracer Gravel King ss 48 x 650b, New Albion sub compact crankset 42/26 and Wolf Tooth seat collar.

I tried to use as many VO products as possible including Constructeur front rack, stem, brass head tube spacers, headset, bottom bracket, the incredible gold anodized Growtac brakes, shifter cables, biggish bag and brake levers.

Initial riding impressions are great, accelerates smartly, light handling incredible braking. Winter is just settling in here in Canada so a more detailed ride review will be available come spring. Love the steel fork, while a bit chunky the ride quality is much better than the carbon forks on my other bikes. Still total build was 22/lbs. 

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