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Hinged Water Bottle Cage Clamps



Use these clamps to add a bottle cage mount to an otherwise mount-less downtube, seattube, or any other qualifying tube.

They're available in pairs in 28.6mm and 31.8mm diameters in Silver and Noir finishes.

Bottle cage not included.

Quick tip for installation: for perfect placement, attach the clamps to the bottle cage first, and then install on the bike!

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Lightweight and elegant

As a weight-weenie project I mounted a waterbottle (weighed 14 bottles to find the lightest) on an early 1970s screwed and glued ALAN frame. The hinged clamps look right and are reasonably lightweight. Of course I had to replace the four bolts with titanium. Probably saved a gram or two. ;-)

Not good for bikes with cables along down tube

Bulky, interfere with cables on the down tube. I could install on seat tube, but theyโ€™d trash the decals there. ๐Ÿ™

Hinged clamp for bottle cage

Nicely done piece that allows for bottle cage on vintage Raleigh.

Bottle Cage Clamps

I put one on my seat tube, one on the underside of my down tube. Love the extra water capacity on my all-rounder, vintage ride. They are much,much classier than the zip-ties I had been using!

So much better and more useful than the traditional clamps!

I own a couple bikes without bottle cage mounts. Up until now, the workaround was either traditional cage clamps or hose clamps. Mounting either way is a bit annoying and time-consuming, but got the job done.

But with these hinged clamps I can mount cages rather quickly. And because these clamps basically create "braze-on" cage bosses, I can do things that I couldn't with the trad clamps, namely mount a bottle cage AND pump bracket AT THE SAME PLACE! Thank you Velo Orange for doing this!

The only way that it could get better is if the two different clamps were combined into one unit. This would mean not having to futz with the placement between the two clamps to mount the bottle cage correctly.

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