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Decaleurs are traditional quick-release mounts for handlebar bags. Unlike some modern bag mounts, they keep the bag low for better handling and for keeping the handlebars clear. The VO fork mount decaleurs are mounted on the fork's steerer tube either below the headset lock nut or within the spacer stack.

  • Full stainless steel construction
  • Available to fit 1" and 1-1/8" forks
  • Works with most traditional-style bags such as Velo Orange, Acorn, Ostrich, Sologne, Berthoud, TA, LaFuma, and similar
  • Receiver uses a 3mm thick spacer
  • Bag Mount uses 6mm posts
  • Mounting hardware included
  • Posts are 8 cm forward of the front of the headset ring

Please remember that a decaleur is intended as a quick-release mechanism, not a support for the full weight of the bag; the bag must still rest on a rack or on the fender. Fork mounted decaleurs can be bent slightly to adjust the bag's height, but they might not work with very tall or short frames (for those frames we recommend a front rack with an Integrated Decaleur).

Note: We strongly recommend that you use at least one strap or elastic cord, in addition to the decaleur, to secure your bag to your front rack. If you hit a large bump or pothole, it is possible that your bag could bounce up, detaching the bag from the decaleur receiver.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Great product, wish for multiple length sizes

I have had two off these and they are great. Fit is good and very strong welds. I only wish that the length of the decaleur could come in multiple lengths. My front rack is a bit farther out than most. Overall, thumbs up.

Not sure what all the griping is

Lots of folks seem perturbed by these but this is the only decaleur I’ve ever used and I’ve ridden it thru hell & high water touring & across moonscape of Hell streets in NYC for years with full sized randonneur bag fully loaded for my work tools (likely 20lb) & loads of other shit & carried it up & down my 4 story walkup apartment every day as well where it directly bore bag weight & it’s survived with no complaints and when the receiver broke I emailed the folks here at VO & they replaced it for me no questions asked like pros. You can certainly find a more rugged one, & pay out the nose, & some bags may not jive as easily as others but this to me seems a fine piece of kit & props to VO for professionalism with support,

Dale Metteer
Didn’t work for me

Like other reviewers, I had to flip & bend this decaleur in order to fit my 56cm frame + 12L (small) Swift rando bag. The pockets on the bag are too tall for this system—the mount is right up against the seams. In the decaleur’s correct position, less than one cm of the prongs engage with the posts connecting to the fork. Tried this—it’s not safe to ride this way.
The flip/bend compromise leads to breakage. I’ve snapped two of these in under a year—the last one didn’t even make it two months. That’s $32 plus tax & shipping x 2, down the drain (in addition to the [now unnecessary] fancy cable hanger I had to buy when I had to replace my headset, because I wanted to try to incorporate this [now broken] decaleur).
If I had a huge head tube, this would probably work well for me and my bag. If I had a tiny bag, this would work great for me and my bike. I don’t know who this is best suited for, but it’s not me. I’m done trying to figure it out 💸.
On the other hand, I use a Velo Orange cantilever front rack, and I’ve had no issues so far.
I’ll probably do what I hesitated to do at first: just buy the slightly more expensive decaleur (I’m thinking of going with Berthoud). I’ve been thinking about how I might apply this logic to my desire for aluminum fenders. Go with the cheapest ones or…?

nicholas stone
Simple and effective, but it broke

I like that this decaleur is relatively simple and unobtrusive. However, its not a super robust piece. To be fair, I was on a super rough road and the repeated impacts were eventually just too much for it. To be clear, I was supporting the bag's weight with a rack.

james yoo
sort of works

If you have a berthoud bag, the metal bar really only fits near the top, along the leather reinforced strip, and depending on your frame and bag size, you'll need to flip the decaleur mount and bend bend bend to make contact. I installed this on a 54cm frame (avg headtube size?) to use with a gb25 size bag... the fit is not ideal but seems like there's a decaleur shortage so what are you going to do, waste time hacking something together with random hardware bits and bobs?

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