About Velo Orange

Our emphasis here at Velo Orange is on a more relaxed and comfortable style of riding - on refined bikes that are suited to a century ride, an inn-to-inn tour, or a ramble down your favorite dirt road.

Velo Orange was founded in 2006 as an importer of elegant parts and accessories that were once produced by small firms in Europe, Japan, and the UK for the cyclo-tourist and randonneur. More recently, many of those products have become either unavailable or outrageously expensive. We decided to recreate and improve upon those designs using modern manufacturing techniques, materials, and tolerances.

Please understand that Velo Orange is an unusual business offering diverse products that may not run parallel to what you'd see from many mainstream companies and shops. We often times make and import products that we want ourselves, as ever-evolving riders. As such, we'll always welcome any suggestions for new products and ideas to improve our existing offerings.

So, why not put your camera, jacket, and wallet in your handlebar bag and go out for a whole day or weekend in the country? Stop at a nice inn and have lunch, chat with the local farmers, drop by an art studio, winery, or bakery. 

As always, thanks for your support.

Happy riding,

Igor and Adrian