How To Install Velo Orange Mudflaps on Fenders

The combination of full coverage fenders and mud flaps serve two very important purposes: 1) keeping your feet and bottom bracket clean and 2) ensuring your riding friends will ride with you again by preventing road grime from spraying up into their faces.

VO Mudflaps are compatible with fenders of widths greater than or equal to 45mm. These directions apply to both front and rear mudflaps with any differences specifically noted.

Tool list:

  • Felt tipped marker
  • Drill with 5mm bit
  • 3mm allen wrench
  • 8mm socket wrench

1) Both front and rear flaps should be low for optimal coverage. With the bike on the ground, mock up the mudflap's position on the fender. The front should be about 2.5 inches off the ground, while the rear should be about 6.5 inches off the ground. These measurements are a guideline as the final position of your fender is dependent on your frame and fork designs.

2) Curve the flap around the fender and use the felt tipped marker to mark the upper holes for drilling.

3) Make sure both holes are level and that the flap will be centered on the fender.

4) Remove the wheel and drill both holes.

5) Mount the fender using the included hardware. The order of hardware (from outside in) is flathead bolt, concave washer, flap, fender, washer, nylock nut.

6) We like curling thfront flap so that curbs don't catch the fender when hopping off.

7) Hop on and ride!