Submit Your Unique Ride to VO Voices

VO Voices is the ultimate platform for cycling enthusiasts to celebrate their unique journeys and bike builds. It's more than just a gallery; it's a symphony of individuality, a canvas for your cycling stories, and a showcase of your love for your ride featuring Velo Orange frames and/or gear.

To submit your own ride to VO Voices, please send us an email to along with the following:

  • Showcase your story: a description of your bike and/or cycling journey.
  • Break down the build: a list of the frame and components used. The more detailed the better so other readers can see what works.
  • Photos tell a thousand words: a few high-resolution photos so we can showcase your story in the gallery. 

Your Voice Matters: VO Voices is all about sharing your journey, experiences, and why you've chosen Velo Orange. Whether you're a seasoned rider or just starting, your bike deserves the spotlight.

Join VO Voices today and let your cycling story be heard. Your bike is an extension of your identity - it's time to let your VO Voice shine.