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Brass Striker Bell


These lovely brass bells have been made in the same small factory for many decades. They have hammer-type strikers, a beautiful tone, and great resonance.

Compared to our Temple brass bells, the Striker bells are a little louder and a few millimeters wider. Unfortunately, they will not work with our Retro bell mount or Spacer bell mount.

Features a chrome clamp for handlebars.

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Amy Ahlert

I love it
Looks phenomenal
The sound is great
Terrific warning signal
Couldn’t be happier!

Steven Beasley
Crisp and Clear

I love the sound. Nothing like a nice pitched “ding” to let other cyclists or pedestrians you’re near.

Jane Wolfe
Brass Bell

I like the sound of the bell. Loud enough to be heard but not blatting.

Giorgi Lanchava
My velo orange bell

This bell is very good and nice, classic bell. It's very good.

David Carlson
ding! ...

ding continues! it's great that you can ring ahead of traffic and have it carry through as you go.

when you ring it in the house the first time you'll think "damn, that's too loud!" but when you're out on the road everyone will appreciate this bell and you giving your notice.

i had trouble with the mount (not wide enough for my spacers) so i fashioned an ss strap to keep it in place. i don't think it does well on tubing greater than 1", but maybe someone else can chime ... in with the actual dimensions.

overall, would recommend.

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