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1" Sealed Bearing Threaded Headset


A absolutely top-of-the-line 1" threaded headset for the most discerning rider. It features oversized, sealed cartridge bearings, so packing and re-greasing bearings are a thing of the past.


  • Fork type: 1" English threaded
  • Stack height: 41mm
  • S.H.I.S. Upper: EC30 / 25.4-24tpi
  • S.H.I.S. Lower: EC30 / 26
  • Crown Race: ISO (26.4mm), split for easy install

VO Frame Compatibility: Polyvalent (gen 1-4), Campeur, Rando, Mixte

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Kent Joosten
Perfect for Miyata.

This headset fit my 1984 Miyata 710 perfectly! Install was quick and easy using home-made tools. Those sealed bearings are silent and smooth as butter. Five Stars.

Works Great

Second time purchasing this. First one installed into a Bridgestone and the second into a Miyata. Both installs went fairly easily and each are so much smoother and worry free over the caged bearings.

Brigham Facer
A beautiful headset

It was a bit of a struggle to measure everything and make sure I had the correct sizing, but with an email to the staff and a caliper I got it right. The headset fit perfect and looks amazing.

Armando Castillo

easy to instal, having the split lower race. Works well, looks beautiful and appropriate to my 1971 Masi that will be riden in the Eroica California this September. Thanx for the quick shipping.

Kurt Roeder
Looks great, rides great

The black with white logo looks fantastic and the bearings are super smooth. My previous headset was also really nice, but after 28 years it was a little rough so the contrast is stark. Always fun to get new stuff.
My mechanic said it went together smoothly. He had installed a few of these and seems to like working with them.
Not any negatives, but I do think there is a tradeoff between ease of service and how solid the part feels. The split crown race and slip- in bearings are easy but it isn't exactly the same feel you get with press- in bearings. Since I had a professional do the installation I would have preferred press-in, but that's a small thing. If I ever have to fix this myself I'm sure I'll appreciate how easy it is.
For fifty bucks it's the best thing out there. If it also lasts 28 years, I'll be 80 or dead so...

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