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by Igor Shteynbuk
It’s been just about 4 years since we first officially launched the Velo Orange X Road Runner Bags luggage collection! We’re really proud to be working with a USA brand that offers exceptional quality, fantastic offerings, and ample experience with bringing soft goods to market.

Since it’s a bit of a milestone, I thought now would be a good time to revisit the current VO X RBB offerings, as well as announcing a couple new additions to our lineup!

Handlebar Bags (From smallest to largest)

Burrito Bag

Our smallest and simplest offering in the handlebar bag lineup, the Burrito Bag attaches to the handlebars with two easy straps, with an option (not mandatory) for a third, stem-tether strap to keep it as secure as possible. The basic shape and design allows this bag to be mounted to virtually any handlebar of any size, and doesn’t require a rack or bar end tethers for secure use. A beefy, reinforced zipper keeps your items safe, and the bag benefits from the same overall construction as any of our other Road Runner offerings.

Mini-Rando Bag

Slightly larger than the Burrito Bag is our Mini Rando. This great little bag, much like the Burrito, needs no rack to tether it, and simply straps to the handlebars with two loops. Included as well are bar-end tethers to keep this bag upright and centered on your bar. Available in all VO x RR collab colors.

Randonneur Bag

While the Randonneur Handlebar Bag may look like a traditional bag, it is constructed with modern materials and designs that coalesce into a smart and functional vegan-friendly bag for touring, randonneuring, and commuting.

Cell Phone Pocket and Snapper Sack

A little add-on available for the Randonneur bag, which can loop onto the backside of the Rando bag for easy access to your phone without removing the pocket from the bag, or the bag from the bar. Also available in matching colors for the Rando bag.
Similarly designed for the Randonneur bag, the Snapper sack is slightly shorter and more stout than the Co-Pilot and was designed to mount onto the back and sides of the Rando bag. A great little pouch for quick-access items, but big enough for a medium-size DSLR camera, and offering cinch-shut closure for security and easy access.

Biggish Bag

One step up from the Randonneur bag, the Biggish Bag takes less of a boxy shape, and is our smallest waterproof option. A roll-top internal compartment covered by a top flap provides ultimate protection for your gear and goods, and is partnered with a reinforced front zipper-pocket for small items you need quick access to. It’s a fair bit wider than the Rando bag at 13.5” wide, but its multiple mounting points offer the ability to mount it on your handlebars or as an oversized saddle bag. The included shoulder strap also allows this bag to be removed from the bike and carried.

Transporteur Bag

Our largest bag available, the Transporteur is without a doubt our most utilitarian bag. At 29L, this bag rivals the volume of mid-sized hiking packs, and offers 100% waterproof, roll-top security to keep your clothes, gear, and food safe and dry. Much like the Biggish bag, the Transporteur also sports a reinforced zipper front pocket spanning the width of the front, for quick access to your essentials. Designed for our Porteur Rack, the bag is not designed to be strapped to the handlebars, though it also plays well with the Wald 137 basket.

Saddle Bags

Saddle Tool Roll

This compact tool roll rivals the carrying capacity of any standard zip-shut saddle bag, sporting cordura construction, three sleeved sorting compartments, button–snap closure to keep your gear in place, and nylon strap to cinch everything together under your saddle. Neat, tidy, and available in any of our VO x Road Runner colors to match your bike and earn you style points on the road. Also a great option as a saddle bag for bikes with droppers, as it requires no seatpost tether to stay put.

Day Tripper Bag

Our largest saddle-specific bag, the Day Tripper offers more storage volume than almost any traditional saddle bag on the market, at 3.5L maximum. roll-top and clipped construction allows you to pack your tools and gear into the back of the bag and roll the top down to whatever depth you need, secured by two large clips on each side. A tall Velcro strap keeps the bag tight to the seatpost and prevents the bag from swinging around, even when loaded full. Saddle rail straps also offer ample adjustment.

Accessory Bags


The Co-Pilot was specifically designed to mount on either side of the stem of your bike behind the handlebar, and carry a standard height and size water bottle. Cinch-top closure allows you to secure the bottle or small accessories you have packed into the bag, and multi-point strap locations offer secure mounting onto virtually any bar/stem setup. Great for carrying additional water on bikepacking trips or long distance rides with limited access to water sources.

Auto Pilot *New!*

The big brother of the Co-Pilot, the Auto Pilot offers the fit and function, but in a *big* way. Identical construction in a larger dimension allows the Auto Pilot to carry bottles as large as a 40oz Nalgene, or enough small items to fill the same volume. Even more ideal for bikepacking trips with limited water access.

Lil’ Guy Hip Pack *New!*

Quirky but useful, the Lil’ Guy is our first on-body offering. Similar in construction to any of our bike-specific bags, the Lil’ Guy is a great 1.6L hip pack for anyone not looking to hang bags on their bike or wear a backpack, and just toss a couple of key items into a pack and go. Just as usable as a feedbag during a gravel race as it is a place for your keys and wallet on a ride to the park with your kid. Ultra-adjustable nylon straps offer sizing for practically anyone, making this a one-size-fits all option. Available in any of our standard VO x Road Runner collab colorways.

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