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Mini-Rando Bag



The Mini-Rando will be your favorite go-to for all day, fun, mixed-terrain rides. It's the perfect size for easy access to your compact camera, cell phone, keys, wallet, snacks, and light jacket.

The main body of the bag uses a plastic liner for rigidity, but the zippered top is soft for easier cramming, overstuffing, and retrieval of awkwardly shaped items.

The "trouser" pockets on either side of the bag make for quick access and storage of energy gels as well as their respective carcasses.

Attaching the Mini-Rando to your drop handlebars is a cinch. Use the pair of webbing and cam-locks to secure the bag to your tops, and use the length of shockcord and cord-locks to the drops. You can rotate the position of the cord-locks so that it feels good in the drops.

While the Mini-Rando is designed to work best on drop bars, we have discovered several other applications that also rock:

  • Loop and secure the bag to a Wald 137 Basket for added capacity for things you may need to access frequently.
  • The upper support bar on the Klunkers makes for the perfect lashing position.
  • For three-piece bars like the Crazy Bars, you can use the upper loops to secure the bag to the forward extensions.
  • Off bike bike, using the included shoulder strap makes for a very fashionable and easy to use day-bag for walking and hiking excursions.
  • Size: 10 x 5.5 x 5.5 inches (25.4 x 14 x 14cm)
  • Capable of storing 6-7 seltzers
  • 4.2L capacity
  • Weight: 300g

Entirely designed and manufactured in the USA as part of a collaborative effort between Velo Orange and Road Runner Bags of Los Angeles.

Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Tom Truong
Follow up review

While The zipper opening is functional and possibly cheaper to make, a flap like on the biggish bag would make this bag just about perfect, Pls consider it VO🙂

Errol Cernjul
A useful , smart looking bag

Holds many things. Good quality construction. Shock cords are a great idea.This bag can be quickly placed onto any drop bar bike. Big enough to act as a fairing for aerodynamics. Nice to have the front pocket with reflective band.It could have used a little more thought with the front pocket clasp ,as it is not positioned easily for one handed opening will have to modify it. The cam lock buckles hold well, but the straps should be cut on an angle ,so it is easier to feed through.The straps are long enough for you to add a spacer between bag and handlebar so you don't lose as much bar space . I do like the way it looks . Again it also has more room than I currently use it for and I like how it looks. Still trying out different ways of anchoring the shock cords . A nice self contained bag that doesn't need extra mounting brackets.

John Sharpe
Mini-Rando Bag

Great mid sized bag, well made and mounts to the handle bar securely. Highly recommended.

Michael Muncy
Almost great!

After a couple weeks of use, the bag is doing its job with a couple small complaints. The plastic form support inside the bag bows out, (most likely due to pressure from the cables and the stem) which makes it a hassle to load gear into the bag. Not sure why the material around the plastic piece wasn't sewn up tight to hold the plastic piece in place. Will try some Gorilla tape or double stick tape, or maybe even sew it myself. Also not thrilled with the choice made for the clasp on the front. Doesn't seem to be real secure, but maybe it's fine. Time will tell. The bag itself is a nice size for day rides and appears to be well made.

Tom Truong
A Nice handlebar bag, just the right size

I'm making a mini support using your decaleur to keep it away from the centerpull brake cable, which should make it even better for my needs. Will follow up with photos when done.

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