New Essential Accessories - Bivo Water Bottles and Visto Safety Triangles

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bivo water bottle in a velo orange moderniste cage
We are absolute sticklers for water bottles - especially for cycling. And seriously, these Bivo Water Bottles are the best stainless steel ones we've used. They sit securely in a bottle cage, they look nice, and most importantly, the water flow is exceptional. There's no glugging, no sucking needed. The water just flows right out.
bivo water bottle pouring out velo orange
Instead of squeezing it to dispense water or having to deal with a twist-top stainless bottle, the Bivo bottle cap features a standard bidon-esque nozzle and a pressure-releasing straw that is built into the cap. This straw is open to the cap at one end, and sticks out into the bottom of your bottle (releasing pressure) so when you lift the bottle up to drink, water pours through the nozzle at a speedy rate, rather than chugging and glugging out like a traditional bidon or fixed-cap stainless bottle. It's science.
bivo water bottle in velo orange silver moderniste cage
They are available in a few volumes and finishes and fit nicely into most bottle cages - I'd suggest our Moderniste and Retro. There's even an Insulated version! You can find all of the options right here.
visto safety triangle on velo orange bike saddle bag
Safety is one of the most important features of your bike. Whether you're riding a 600k brevet or commuting to work, you need to be seen. These new Safety Triangles from Visto Cycling are stylish, fun, and the perfect addition to your safety kit!
visto cycling reflective triangle
Visto is based out of Oakland, California and each Safety Triangle is hand-cut and stitched in the USA. They're made from 3M Scotchlite, reflective vinyl, and stretchy paracord so they are made to last. Installation is super simple, and you can mount them pretty much anywhere you want to be seen like your saddle, saddle bag, fender, or backpack. I'm sure you'll find all sorts of creative ways to get them on your bike or yourself.
visto safety triangle on velo orange fender
These triangles are available in two sizes, Regular and Mini. The regular size is cut perfectly so that a taillight will shine right through, unobstructed.
visto safety triangle on bike reflective
Pick up your Visto Safety Triangle today!

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