Introducing the Camp Snap Camera: Rediscover the Joy of Spontaneous Photography!

3 comments by Igor Shteynbuk

Camp snap velo orange camera yellow brown leather saddle

We're thrilled to unveil the latest addition to our Camp and Cabin section – the Camp Snap Camera! Say hello to your new companion for capturing the magic of spontaneous moments on all your little and big adventures.

Embracing Simplicity and Nostalgia

velo orange rando against fence with cows

Step into a world where photography is a simple, joyful experience. The Camp Snap Camera combines the charm of nostalgia with the modern convenience you crave. Bid farewell to digital distractions and welcome the excitement of film-like photography. Remember the thrill of waiting to see your photos? That feeling is back!

No Screens, No Previews – Just Pure Joy

camp snap camera back

Immerse yourself in the pure joy of capturing moments without the need for screens or previews. The Camp Snap Camera encourages you to live in the moment, savoring the anticipation of discovering your photos later. It's time to break free from the digital world and relish the tangible, authentic experience of film-like photography.

Easy Operation, Maximum Enjoyment

camp snap camera operation and sizing

Designed with simplicity in mind, the Camp Snap Camera boasts just a shutter button and a flash selector switch. No complicated settings or menus to navigate – just point, shoot, and let the magic happen. Whether you're a seasoned photographer or a casual adventurer, the Camp Snap Camera ensures that capturing memorable moments is a breeze.

Perfect for Your Adventures

Lightweight and compact, the Camp Snap Camera is tailor-made for exploration. Take it on your cycling expeditions, camping trips, or leisurely walks around the park. Its portable design ensures you're always ready to seize the moment and document the unique beauty and details of your journey.

Why Choose the Camp Snap Camera?

  • Simplicity: Easy point-and-shoot operation for all skill levels.
  • Nostalgia: Experience the excitement of waiting for your photos.
  • Exploration: Designed with adventurers in mind, it's lightweight and portable.
  • Authenticity: Capture genuine moments without the distraction of screens.
  • Versatility: Ideal for cycling, camping, and everyday adventures.

Get Yours Today!

Ready to infuse your adventures with a touch of timeless photography? The Camp Snap Camera is now available in our Camp and Cabin section. Embrace the simplicity, relish the nostalgia, and rediscover the joy of capturing moments with this fantastic addition to our webstore.

Bring home the Camp Snap Camera and start documenting your adventures in a whole new way!


  • Takashi3653

    Thank you for your comment, Igor! It’s a VO saddle?! fantastic!

  • Igor

    Hi Takashi,

    It’s an older VO leather saddle with Ti rails. It’s quite nice!

  • Takashi3653

    What manufacturer makes the leathr saddle of the first picture? Very nice look!

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