Our Biggest New Product Drop Yet!

by Igor Shteynbuk

In addition to our recent big product restock, we also received a bunch of new items we've been working on! So let's jump into our biggest set of product drops yet!

Crescent Side-Loading Bottle Cages

velo orange crescent cage stainless steel sideloading bottle cage nitto

New for this year is our much-awaited Crescent Bottle Cage: a stainless steel, side-loading water bottle cage that looks as good as it functions. Available in a left and right exit version, you can mix and match exit sides for your seat and downtube braze-ons.

Please note that if you'd like your bottles to exit from the same side (either right or left) on your downtube and seattube, you will need one of each. Buying two of the same version will end up in you having alternate sides of exit!

Utility Bars and Racks

velo orange utility bar and rack silver polished nitto rivendell crust

New also for this year are our highly anticipated Utility Bars (Riser and Flat) and Racks. As featured on Bikepacking.com and a host of other bike review sites, the Utility bars come in both Riser and Flatbar configurations, and the attachable Rack can be mounted to the front in multiple different orientations.

velo orange utility bars and rack riser flat

The bar and rack are available in both Black and Silver, and will be sold separately, so be sure to purchase them together! Also compatible with water bottle and cargo cages, this handlebar system is sure to improve the carrying capacity of any bike you put it on and will look good, to boot. We're looking forward to seeing all of your cool setups you put together!

Eccentric Bottom Brackets for 24mm Spindles

velo orange eccentric bottom bracket with tools for single speed

We present to you our new Eccentric English Threaded 24mm Bottom Bracket. Designed for any two-piece crank with a straight 24mm spindle (Shimano Hollowtech, FSA, etc), this bottom bracket will allow you to run literally any bike equipped with a 68/73mm English threaded BB shell as a single speed with proper chain tension! No more silly derailleur hanger tensioners, no more chain slap, and no more "magic gear" frustration. Breathe some new life into your boring ol' geared bike and convert it to a proper single speed today!

Thin-Walled Threadless Spacers

velo orange thin wall spacers narrow diameter

So many threadless headset spacers are so bulky and unwieldy! These aluminum-alloy spacers are thinner than regular ones and provide a more slender profile.

velo orange thin wall spacers on bike threadless 1 1/8"

They're available in a variety of heights (5mm, 10mm, 20mm) and finishes (Silver, Mirror, and Noir) to match your cockpit. Oh and there's a Tapered offering as well! 

Full-Length Cable Housing

You've asked, and we've listened. All Colored and Metallic-braided cable kits will include full length housing! That means that if you're using disc brakes, you can use these kits and simply cut what you need for the back and front brake runs.

Also note that our old version of housing will be on mega sale, and available on our specials page for as long as supplies last!

Noir 31.8mm Stems

velo orange black noir threadless 31.8mm stems

We're also excited to announce that you can complete your VO cockpit with 31.8mm Threadless Stems in Noir! Why haven't we had them before? I don't know, but they're here now and ready to match to your favorite VO handlebar.

Noir 45mm 700c Fenders

Lastly, we've just received our first batch of 700c, 45mm Smooth Fenders in Noir. A great option for folks who want the sleek and unobtrusive profile of a smooth fender, now available in an even more modern finish.

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