Philly Bike Expo Recap, Part 2

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Welcome back to our exclusive coverage of the 2024 Philly Bike Expo! In Part 1, we delved into a thrilling array of bikes showcasing a delightful fusion of innovation and craftsmanship, all adorned with an abundance of VO products. But hey, we know variety is the spice of life, so in this eagerly anticipated second installment, we're taking a different route. Today, we're shining a light on some equally impressive rides that stand out on their own merits without VO bits. Because let's be real, our love for bikes knows no bounds, whether they're adorned with VO goodies or not. So saddle up and join us as we explore the eclectic world of cycling, because at the core, we're all just passionate bike nerds.

Memento Cycles

memento cycles gravel bike philly bike expo
Éliane and Ronny from Memento absolutely crushed it! This beautiful pink sparkle gravel bike took home first place in the People's Choice award.
I love the integrated front rack. It's such a fun shape. And the custom headbadge!
The swoopy tube reinforcement is fun, and the internal routing is super clean.
I will always be stoked about a triple triangle. The 1/1 badge makes it super evident that this is a custom bike - made for one person.
Ok, last one for this bike. A very cool fender mount. After the show, Éliane actually put our Snakeskin Fenders on their bike. It looks so good!
They also brought this amazing cargo bike. I loved the paint and gothic architecture.

Bishop Bikes

Chris of Bishop Bikes should be nicknamed "The Mailman", because he always delivers. Neil from ATW Builds commissioned this one. It's wild, tight, and features some amazing paint details.

That curved seat tube is so cool. It makes the wheelbase super short and snappy.
Good clearance. 
The paint was out of this world cool!

Haute Cycles

Haute had a really pretty, small-sized single speed mountain bike. The proportions were great and the paint was fantastic.
Gold will always be in style.
Check out how thin the yoke is! Nice clearance.

Befitting Bicycles

Befitting Bicycles is a high-end fit studio in Pennsylvania which specializes in pairing their client with a custom frame builder that meets their needs. They had this Scarab Cycles bike on display. I typically am not a fan of panel-style paint, but I guess my mind is changed.
The head badge is really cool!
Scarab is based in Colombia, so there is a little homage on the seat stay.

Royal H Cycles

We featured Bryan's work in part 1, but he also had this modern roadie on display with a cool story. His client had an old Medici that was battered and bruised after years of use. What started as a potential restoration, turned into a new bike when the fit of her original bike started to become an issue.

They decided to keep as many of the paint details from the original bike as an homage. It works really well!

Dogwood Cycleworx


Loved this Two Face style track bike from Dogwood Cycleworx. It looks soooo fast.
The pointy seat tube is a beauty!

And the People....

I walked around with my Camp Snap Camera to grab some vibes of the expo. I loved using this camera since it was so light, inconspicuous, and toylike. It was downright fun. See you next year!


  • Shane Sellers

    As always, such thoughtful content. Thanks for taking the time to make it up to the show! So glad the VO crew was there to represent.

  • Stephen

    Wow.! A great review of that show! Looks like some genuine innovation was on exhibit there.! The world and the science of two wheel transportation. Excellent.!


    I thought it cool that the Memento folks rode those show bikes with us on the “Party Pace” ride to the gathering at Keystone Bike!

  • Mike

    I took have an affinity for triple triangle frames (and triple cranks, too), though GT’s design had the top tube extend through the seat tube a bit.

  • Zach

    Looks like ‘91-‘93 are coming back full circle; splatter paint and GT-esque triple triangles.

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