Piolet Frameset Pre-Order is Live!

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velo orange piolet with Metallic Moss Paint

We are thrilled to announce the opening of the pre-sale for our highly anticipated Velo Orange Piolet Frameset! As a gesture of appreciation to our valued customers, we are extending a special discounted price to early birds like you. During this exclusive pre-sale period, from now until August 28th, you have the chance to secure a frameset for $795, instead of its regular price of $925. Expected delivery is early September.

The Piolet was designed first and foremost to be a rugged offroad tourer. In its newest iteration, we have added thru-axles and a beautiful new paint called Metallic Moss.

velo orange piolet

The beauty of the Piolet lies in its simplicity. The front end is non-suspension corrected, so we are able to tweak the geometry and fit to be comfortable and capable. That means you can use drop bars or flat bars knowing the steering will be neutral with either choice. In the past, we've built Piolets with both set-ups and the ride is really nice.

Thru-axles really are the way to go with offroad, disc brake bikes. They're super secure and easy to get the wheel in and out without messing up rotor position.

With this, we were also able to redesign the fork to have a heat treated triple butted construction. You'd never know, but we know, and now you do, too.

Besides those few things, the Piolet is largely unchanged. The fit and geometry is the same as the previous iteration. The Small size is sized for 26" wheels, and the M-XL sizes are 29er. Both will clear their respective 2.4" tires with ease. 

All in all, the Piolet is an excellent bike for both offroad touring and definitely can be used as a burly commuter. We've done all sorts of Piolet builds in the past, so be sure to check out the Bike Build Ideas list to get your own brain juices flowing on your next Piolet!


  • Igor


    Yes, you can use a MTB double crankset, no issues.

  • Jiří Kysel

    Can I use 2chainrigs?? Thank you…

  • mike

    great bike in a great color!!!!

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