The Coolest Valve Caps You've Ever Seen

2 comments by Igor Shteynbuk

Looking to juice up your bike’s style? Velo Orange has just the thing! Introducing our new VO X Mugshot NYC Presta Valve Caps! These playful caps are here to add a splash of personality to your ride and make your bike the talk of the town.

Each pack comes with a juicy juice box and a perfectly ripe orange.

Juice Box
: Feeling nostalgic? Our juice box valve cap will take you back to your childhood. It's a sip-er cool addition to your wheels!

Orange Shape: Want to add a pop of color? Our orange cap is simply the zest! It’s the perfect way to brighten up your bike and add some citrusy charm.

No need to be a wrench wizard to install these caps. Just twist off your old caps and screw these new ones on. It’s that simple! You’ll be ready to roll in seconds, no sweat.

Who says bikes have to be boring? With these unique valve caps, your bike will stand out in the bike rack, on the trails, and anywhere else your adventures take you. They’re sure to spark conversations and maybe even a few smiles.

So, why not add a bit of flavor to your cycling life? Velo Orange Presta Valve Caps are easy to install, fun to look at, and a great way to show off your style. Snap up a set and make your bike way more a-peel-ing!


  • Igor

    @ S,

    Not hard. A simple wipe down will do it. I’m just bad at remembering to do it before taking pics!


  • S

    How bad is it to care for polished rims? Is it hard to keep them shiny?

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