VO's 2022 Year in Review, and a Peek into 2023!

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2022 has been a flurry of excitement for Velo Orange! I know you're always curious about new projects we have cooking up, but first please note that VO HQ will be closed starting December 26th and will reopen in the New Year on January 2nd. If you need your order to go out before we close, please place it before 2pm ET on Friday, December 23rd.

Well, now that's out of the way, let's jump in and see what we've been up to!

New Granola-Moose Bars

velo orange granola moose handlebar bullmoose bar sim works bluelug rivendell riv bars
The Granola-Moose is a beautiful one-piece bar and stem combo. It's based off our popular Granola Bar and features an integrated 1 1/8" clamp for threadless steerers. This integrated design makes for a truly buttoned up and streamlined appearance on your city, touring, or mountain bike.
I've been riding these on my personal Low Kicker and have really enjoyed them! Road Runner is currently prototyping and patterning a custom bag for them so look out for that!

Growtac Brakes

Velo Orange Growtac Brakes made in japan cable actuated disc brakes
We've been super pleased with the performance and reception of Growtac Brakes! They're made in Japan, super powerful, lightweight, and provide the perfect splash of color on any bike. 

Bespoked UK

velo orange bespoked uk coverage
Bespoked was such a fun show! Bespoked is a London-based expo focused around custom ("bespoke" if you're in the UK) and high-end production bikes and accessories - with a focus mostly on UK and European companies. This year it was hosted in the 2012 Olympic Velodrome.
Our galleries from the event can be found here and here!

Philly Bike Expo Round Up

While we didn't display at this year's PBE, Derek and Connor went to go check it out and see the eye candy!

Riding in Ireland

velo orange neutrino ireland trip greenway trail achill island
We went out to Achill Island in Ireland and rode bikes on the Great Western Greenway through some truly breathtaking scenery. Lush and vibrant, the trail took us through wooded trails, mountain views, and unprotected windy areas - all offroad! Highly recommended for all.


Once the temperature drops into the 60s, the hoodies start coming out. I'm really pleased with these VO Hoodies. They're super soft and cozy. Should we do more schwag?

Settling into New Digs

We've settled into our new HQ and worked hard to establish a new warehouse workflow that includes a complete scanning system for more accuracy and quicker pick/pack/ship operations. That should help get your orders taken in and sent out the door more quickly. It's been an undertaking that we have all worked towards for a long time and it's nice that it's in full operation.

We often have people ask if we drop ship (fulfill from outside vendors) or if the website's inventory is accurate. Everything is shipped from VO HQ here in Maryland. We don't dropship or hold your order waiting for things to arrive. If something is in stock, it will go out quickly. If there does happen to be an inventory discrepancy (which is extremely rare), we'll let you know ASAP and we'll get you sorted or recommend a comparable product. 

We really try to make customer service here a top-notch priority so that you can have full confidence in every product you order from VO! 


Eccentric Bottom Bracket

velo orange eccentric bottom bracket for vertical dropouts
This bottom bracket will allow you to be able to run a single speed on your vertical dropout bike! These are special cups that thread into your 68mm or 73mm bottom bracket shell and allow you to adjust the position of your Hollowtech spindle to tension the chain. No more magic gears or tensioners. We should have these around early February. 

Utility Rack and Bars

velo orange utility bars and rack handlebar with rack for big back backpack simworks blue lug rivendell crust
This year we released details about our upcoming Utililty Bar and Rack System we developed. It's a truly trick piece of equipment I use everyday for errands and outings around town. I'm either strapping things down or throwing things into my Biggish Bag. It's nice to have it all supported with loads of tie-down options.
velo orange utility bar and rack bike tour stainless steel
Clint and Rico took their Pass Hunters and Utility Bar setups all loaded up on a hearty tour and raved about the capacity and how secure everything was. These should be here around Spring.

Rando Frames

velo orange rando road bike steel is real ultradynamico
After a long hiatus, the Rando is back! Its modernized geometry and fit and finish makes for an incredibly smooth all-day rider. 
velo orange rando rear modular dropouts single speed
With its modular dropouts, you can run the rear with either vertical inserts or horizontal track ends.
The color is a gorgeous Trout Brown that has so many tones and so much depth, it'll make you weep. These should be here around the end of Summer.

Thru-Axle Piolets Frames

velo orange piolet metallic moss paint new thru axle piolet crust rivendell
Piolets are also coming back! The geometry and clearances are all the same, but we've added 12mm thru-axles front and back - I think a worthy adjustment for the intended use of the bike. They're also getting new paint, Metallic Moss.
End of Summer for these, too.

Crescent Sideloading Bottle Cages

velo orange crescent side loading loader water bottle cage

With the popularity of half frame bags and bikes with lower standovers, one thing that always becomes a convenience pinch-point is how to store and access water. A regular top loading bottle cage might limit water bottle size, or not be functional at all, so a side-loader is really the best solution.

velo orange crescent side loading loader water bottle cage

Next Spring we'll be launching our Crescent Side Loading Bottle Cage! We'll have both a Left and Right side so you can match whichever side works best for you. 

New Frame Colors 

Speaking of new colors, all of our current frameset offerings (Neutrino, Pass Hunter, and Polyvalent) are getting new paint. They'll all be revealed when they arrive around the beginning of Spring.

Odds and Ends

In addition to the above we do have other pretty heavy hitting projects in the works, but I don't quite want to release details about them quite yet. They are a bit too early in the prototyping process but we should have samples in hand around Spring - fingers crossed.
As another year closes, I wanted to give a big thank you to our customers, dealers, and readers. You all are able to make VO continue and grow.  Another big thank you goes out to all of VO's staff for their continued hard work and general awesomeness. Have a wonderful Holiday Season and a Happy New Year. See you in 2023!


  • Michael

    Any update on the eccentric BB?

  • Paul Ignacio

    So very psyched for that EBB! Will be eagerly awaiting its release!

  • Will Handsfield

    Just saw Maynard’s comment, Hey Maynard! Good to see you, even electronically.

    Also, what a great collection for the coming year, I hope it is a new bike year for me =)

  • Scott Wingate

    More swag you ask? Yes please! And will you be getting more blue sweatshirts in all sizes?
    I’m waiting on a new Piolet frame coming next year. Thanks for everything. Happy and safe holidays!

  • Maynard Hershon

    You guys do a great job. I never feel like you pester me with blog posts or bulletins. Each message feels joyful and enthusiastic about your riding or your products in a way that always feels genuine. Happy holidays, VO and a prosperous New Year!

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