Neil's Custom Painted Neutrino

1 comment by Igor Shteynbuk

velo orange neutrino with custom grey paint advent super short

Never built a bike before, have done a bit of maintenance but not much, so a steep learning curve to research in advance & a number of tools had to be bought, the actual build was straight forward and took less than a day & the bike has been running smoothly for the last 10 days.

The parts list includes the specialist tools should someone wish to do this without an existing bike "workshop" at home.

velo orange neutrino with custom paint and advent super short

A shout-out to Sam at FreshTripe he was helpful with advice & recommendations, I had been trying to keep the cost below 2k gbp but didn't quite make it ... there may be component upgrades once more funds are available.


1 comment

  • Ernani Garcia you have the link to the website where I can orders
    Mudguards like yours? Thank you!

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