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Randonneur Handlebar Bag



There was a bit of an issue with the grommet placement in that they are slightly too close to each other (we're talking millimeters). The bag mount fits, but you do have to wrestle it a little. If you order a Rando Front Bag and a rack that includes a bag mount (anything with an integrated decaleur or headset mounted decaleur), we'll go ahead and install the bag mount on the bag for you.

While the Randonneur Handlebar Bag may look like a traditional bag, it is constructed with modern materials and designs that coalesce into a smart and functional vegan-friendly bag for touring, randonneuring, and commuting. Entirely designed and manufactured in the USA as part of a collaborative effort between Velo Orange and Road Runner Bags of Los Angeles.

The outermost fabric is extremely durable and water resistant Cordura. The safety-orange inside material is a waterproof truck tarp liner (the same material that trucking companies use to protect cars during transit). A bright interior allows for easy rummaging even in the most dimly-lit environments.

Molle straps adorn the side and rear faces of the bag, allowing you to attach smaller accessory bags as desired. This modular design enables you to build the randonneur bag that best fits your needs. Our current accessory offerings include a Snapper Sack (for compact cameras and SLR lenses) and Cell Phone Pocket (fits virtually all smartphones). Both sold separately.

The gusseted top flap features a clear map case for your queue sheet, control card, snacks, keys, wallet, etc. A waterproof zipper keeps it all secure and allows quick access even while riding. The front pocket is also gusseted to easily expand for stuffing and over-stuffing.

The underside has additional molle straps for the included buckle or toe-strap to secure your bag to your rack. Encouraged over rough terrain.

While the bag can work with any front rack with an appropriate decaleur (or straps for the handlebar), it is designed to work best with our Randonneur and Campeur Front Racks. The rear of the bag features grommeted holes that line up perfectly with our bag mount and allow the bag to sit securely on the rack platform. When using our integrated decaleur racks, there is no need to drill or punch holes in your bag.

  • Height: 22cm
  • Width: 27cm
  • Depth: 19.5cm
  • Weight: ~736g
  • Maximum Capacity: ~8.5L of pinto beans
  • Includes carry strap

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
really good.

I had no problems installing the rack to my bike. One word of advice: follow the instructions that is posted on their website. That said everything performed as advertised.

paul miller
Perfect fit

Rack fit on my Bstone X01 perfect and the bag fit the rack perfectly.

Aaron Elam

Randonneur Handlebar Bag

Metro Scooter
All the space that I need for most rides most places.

I have occasionally tied bakery goods, etc, to the top for the ride home. Construction is fantastic. Seems to be very water resistant, even water proof. With a decaleur it's quick release in the case that I want to take it with me or put a different bag on the rack. As if.

Great bag ... and even greater customer service!!

My original order got hung up in USPS chaos in the weeks leading up to the holidays, but the good folks at Velo went the extra mile to make sure I got my bag. They sent a SECOND bag at no extra cost via FedEx (which arrived just in time for Christmas!) and only asked that I send the original order back if and when it eventually arrives. That’s how you earn a customer for life! As for the Randonneur bag itself, it’s every bit as high quality and well-designed as I expected. It’s so nice to have a product made in USA that can rival the best stuff from France or wherever. And it’s a perfect match to the Velo Orange front rack with decaleur … just two little bolts and the installation is complete. Thanks again for the great service and the thoughtfully designed product.

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