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Spacer Bell Mount



One of the characteristics of a finely built bicycle is complete integration, bells not withstanding. Constructeurs would often drill and tap their stems to achieve this goal. This Spacer Bell Mount is the next best thing.

This clever mount sits within your headset's stack and is tapped to work with our Temple Bells.

  • Hardware included
  • 10mm thick
  • Available in Silver (1" & 1 1/8") and Black (1 1/8")
  • Bell not included

Note: if you have an older bike with little room under the headset nut, then get a Retro Mount instead.

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Doug L.
Convince at your finger tip.

Mounts to the VO Temple Bell if you take your time and are not heavy handed, even though the bell and screw threads are not totally compatible. Use a little Phil oil or grease. Set the clearance for the striker with the supplied washers. Apply a drop of thread locker to the bell mount threads . If you are using head set spacers you may need to remove one or two to have enough threads for the headset locknut and a break cable hanger. Looks good next to my Nitto stem and is out of the way. A bit fiddly but recommended just the same.

Karen Thiel

Spacer Bell Mount

Buyer beware if you plan to use a Crane Karen spring strike bell

I was excited to try out this mount on my Rivendell with my brand new Crane Karen spring strike bell. It seemed simple enough. Unscrew the Crane bell from the factory mount and screw it into the Velo Orange mount. The issue that I ran into was that the VO mount threading destroyed the post threading on my Crane bell. It nearly got stuck, but after much finagling I was able to free the bell and was able to screw it back into the factory mount with the last few available threads that were not damaged. Not enough material was left in order to simply use a tap and re-thread the aluminum post, it was totally destroyed. Thankfully I was able to put the bell back on its factory mount, I had to remove a washer in order to use those last couple of good threads. We will see if it holds, sofar so good. Not sure if the TPI was different or not, it did seem to be a little tight when screwing it in but certainly not overly so. I would advise using a dab of grease and to go slow and gentle for anyone trying to use this mount with a Crane bell. It would be nice for some compatibility notes to be added to this item in the description if possible.

Clayton Stahnke
Wrong Hardware?

The bolt that came with this had a much narrower TPI than what was compatible with the temple bell, rendering this unusable. Very disappointed and not the first time I've had hardware issues with VO products :/

Hey Clayton,

Sorry you're having trouble with the bell mount. Here's the info: The factory that makes the bell has been making our Brass Temple Bell for decades, unchanged. As such, the bell uses an obscure Taiwanese threading which is close to the supplied screw, but not a perfect match. Put a dab of grease on the threads and screw it in. It will go and stay secure.

We've added this to the spacer bell page.


OD differes to the Tall Stack Stem

I wanted to fit a Crane bell under my VO Tall-Stack stem with this Spacer mount, however this mount has an OD of 36mm, while the OD of the Tall-Stack stem is about 34mm.
I still use this mount, but it pains me that it isn't flush with the stem, as i went out of my way to find spacer with an OD of 34mm to fit the VO stem.

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