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Wheel Stabilizer



Common on European utility bikes, a front wheel stabilizer makes loading front racks simpler. It is a spring connecting the fork to the down tube. It adds a subtle self centering action to the front wheel, making loading and unloading of a bike with a basket, or say, our Porteur Rack much easier. The spring also offers some resistance to steering, so it counteracts deflections from hitting potholes and road debris.

  • Mounts to the back of the fork crown via brake bolt or through bolt
  • Fork crown mount diameter is made to fit an M6 bolt - common on nutted calipers
  • Use Sheldon's Fender Nuts to work with recessed brake bolts
  • Rust resistant and includes all required brackets and hardware
  • Available for Small (31.8mm and smaller) and Large (38-62mm) sized downtubes

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Ellen Armstrong
It solved my problem!

My wheel kept spinning around when I lock my bike to a pole. Very irritating
and my bike often would fall down. The bike stabilizer totally solved the problem! Thanks!

Louis Mueller
A welcome stabilizing device

Keeps the front wheel sufficiently stable that the bike can by walked without needing to hold the handlebars, and greatly diminishes any tendencies for the bike to shimmy.

Spring is not strong enough

I had high hopes, but as other reviewers stated, the spring is just not strong enough. The spring needs to be upgraded. The only thing this does is prevent your wheel from turning without any loads.

Luc Galey-Jamier
Poor design

Poor design for this wheel stabilization system.
Really far from any Holland’s bike
I was expecting much more from
Vélo orange

Mike C
Very useful with double kickstands

Our town bikes are outfitted with double kickstands to make them easier to load and unload groceries etc. The kickstands are great, however this item really completes the package. It's hardly noticeable when riding and it keeps the front wheel from flopping side to side when the rear is weighted while loading panniers and rear racks.

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