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Dajia Cycleworks 1b Seatpost, multiple sizes


Sold Out

The Dajia seatpost is a solid and well-proven single-bolt design. It's also one of the few seat posts still available in several sizes to fit classic steel frames.

The non-notched clamp allows for more accurate tilt adjustment than do many inexpensive seatposts. The finish is polished alloy. The head is integral with the post, not pressed on. All-in-all, it's a pretty nice seatpost that should not be confused with lower-end posts. 300mm length; about 24mm setback; 280g.

Customer Reviews

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Sizes, design, price

Variety of sizes satisfies bikes of all members of my family, 90’s MTB to modern oddball. Design resembles a bit of Nitto S65, simple fastening with a single bolt. do you even do that, VO?
Only one thing, would you please make 26.0?

Very Adjustable, Doesn't Stay Put

I hate this seatpost. I hate it so much I am typing this in the middle of a ride. I think I've tightened the bolt as far as I reasonably can, and then 5 minutes later I hit a bump and wind up with a crotch full of saddle. Maybe I'm just doing something wrong, and if so I hope I figure it out! But this post does not work for me and I wish it was not on my bicycle. Two stars for quality and reasonable price.

Dajia Cycleworks 1b Seatpost

The Dajia Cycleworks 1b Seatpost is elegant and strong. I am very happy with my purchase. It levels up my '83 Trek 500.


Nice, smooth design; blends in well with a classic bike. Perhaps I’ll put a Brev. Camp. decal on it! :)

Holds a seat

Not sure what else you expect from this product

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