Neutrino Pre-Sale is Live!

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velo orange neutrino mini velo slammin' Salmon

The Neutrino Mini-Velo is coming back into stock soon, and now is the chance to secure your frameset! The frameset pre-sale is going live now, with expected delivery early May. 

As far as the Neutrino's specifications go, they're staying the same with the exception of its new paint: Slammin' Salmon. This is a paint I've wanted to put on one of our frames for years - without finding just the right time or frame to put it on. The Neutrino is a natural choice!

 velo orange neutrino mini velo slammin' Salmon

Since it was first released in 2019, the Neutrino has become a crowd favorite of many for riding in the city, bikepacking, traveling, and even a packrafting trip or two. Its generous 2.3"+ tire clearances and modern compatibility makes it fun to ride and super fun to customize without any of the drawbacks typically associated with minivelos and smaller wheels.

velo orange neutrino mini velo slammin' Salmon

The Neutrino has no preconceptions of how it needs to be built, and therefore is a prime candidate for fun colors and build styles. It's a sort of canvas for any rider who is looking to customize their ride. You can find a bunch of Bike Build Ideas here to get your brain juices flowing.

So whether you're looking to do drop bars and Campagnolo, Klunkers, Granola Bars, or even a custom Lefty Fork (!) you're in good company with a ton of other riders who have done their own unique and awesome bike builds.

Pre-Sale Details

The Neutrino Frameset is currently available for pre-sale. This will secure your frameset and will give you first-in-line shipping when they arrive. This pre-sale will remain live until the framesets are sold through or they arrive in our warehouse - whichever one comes first.

As for the remaining stock of Small Pistachio Neutrinos, they'll be discounted 15%. When they're gone, they're gone!

If you are planning to order components and accessories at the same time as the pre-sale, please place an additional order separate from your new frame.

My Bike

We express shipped one Large frameset for photos ahead of schedule and here's how we built it up. This has got to be my favorite iteration thusfar. 

velo orange neutrino mini velo slammin' Salmon

Over the years, the Neutrino has become our around town cruiser, overseas adventurer, and bike we can lend to friends. The dropper means either Adrian and I can ride the bike with literally the flip of a switch. I'm 5'10" and she's 5'5.5", by the way.

velo orange neutrino mini velo slammin' Salmon with dropper

The handlebars are our upcoming Utility Bars and Rack - these will be here around early June. The rack makes it super easy to throw a bunch of stuff in a Biggish Bag or strap down a backpack.

The gearing is the Microshift Advent Super Short and works great. 

Braking is our favorite mechanical disc brakes - Growtac Post Mount in Purple. I think it pairs exquisitely with the paint color.

velo orange neutrino mini velo slammin' Salmon with growtac brakes

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  • Weevi

    Do you plan to sell the 2/3 frame bag?
    I want one in rust colorway 😊

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