Tubeless Tire Install - Let's Build a Rando Bike! - Part 2

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In Part 2 of our Let's Build a Rando Bike series, we're tackling installation of a set of tubeless tires on our Voyager Rims! In my opinion, the introduction and acceptance of tubeless technology is an absolute gamechanger for all types of riders. It doesn’t matter if you’re racing, touring, commuting, or riding a brevet. Changing a tube on the side of the road with traffic whizzing by often isn't safe and if you’re on a timed event, like a brevet, there is nothing slower than a flat tire.

The purpose of this video series is to go through every part of the build process - installing components, accessories, and giving technical instructions along the way. There are lots of people out there that may never have built a bike from the frame up. It can definitely be intimidating to take on a project for the first time when there are so many nuances and passed-down knowledge. So we hope that this series will help you or a friend build up a bike for the first time or maybe get a few tips and tricks to do some at-home repairs.

Let us know how you liked the video! It will be very helpful in further developing videos we'd like to do in the future.

Thanks and Happy Riding!

1 comment

  • twyla ingerson

    many thanks, Igor, for opening a window on bike construction. I know many of us will be empowered as to various degrees of bike care. It is super interesting and your unrushed demeanor and great vid shots make learning fun.

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