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Another busy year is just about in the books! But before we dive into our 2023 recap and look into 2024, please note that Velo Orange HQ will be closed December 23rd and will reopen January 2nd, 2024 to give our staff a well-deserved break and spend time with friends and family. If you need your order to go out before we close, please place it before 2pm ET on Friday, December 22nd. Watch or read our recap below!

Let's jump in!

  • YouTube Videos: Videos are important for brand awareness and engagement, and we've worked hard to begin producing more. The focus on long-form, instructional content for bike build tips and assembly has been well-received by the cycling community and I'm keen to continue doing it while adding some new formats. Let me know if there is anything you'd like to see in particular!

  • Made Bike ShowWhat an awesome show in Portland! The caliber of bikes from all of the disciplines was so high and inspirational. It was great seeing friends and meeting new people. I interviewed several builders over the course of the show, so be sure to watch those!
  • ATW ShowcaseThis was a super cool, intimate event with local builders and people displaying their super cool whips. Fixed-gear mini-velo polo bike? Yes. Classic track. Yep. Check out the full spread!

  • Neutrino Framesets in Slammin' Salmon: I've wanted to paint a bike in the Slammin' Salmon color for years. And the Neutrino is the perfect fit. A non-traditional color on a non-traditional bike.

  • Polyvalent Low Kickers and Diamond Frames in Glacier Metallic: The Polyvalent Low Kickers and Diamond frames received a stylish update with the introduction of the Glacier Metallic color, offering a nice paint that pairs well with both modern and classic style builds.

  • Pass Hunter Framesets in Metallic Graphite PaintThe Pass Hunter framesets arrived in a new Metallic Graphite Paint, giving riders another sophisticated and attractive choice for their bikes. This is the last iteration of the Pass Hunter, so grab it now before they're gone forever.

  • Crescent Side Loading Bottle Cages: we introduced the Crescent Side Loading Bottle Cages, providing a practical and efficient solution for carrying water bottles on the bike while being able to easily access them from the side rather than the top.

  • Utility Racks and Handlebars (Riser and Flat): The Utility Bar and Rack system is possibly VO's greatest answer to "how can I put a rack on my bike?" Simply strap your backpack, favorite 12 pack beverage, or cycling bag onto your rack and cinch it down. No need for forks made for racks, p-clamps, or the like. If you have a 31.8mm stem clamp, these will work!

  • Eccentric Bottom Brackets for 24mm Spindles: No more need for an external chain tensioner or trying to figure out that magic gear! These bottom brackets are designed to be used with any 24mm spindle, 2-piece cranksets, such as Shimano Hollowtech II, FSA, SRAM GXP, and many others. 

  • Thin Wall Headset Spacers: While it's an easily overlooked part of any bike, these spacers are more slender and make any headset stack look great!

  • 31.8mm Stems in BlackVelo Orange released 31.8mm Stems in Black, catering to riders who prefer a sleek and understated look for their bike components.

  • 700x45mm Black Fenders: The introduction of 700x45mm Black Fenders adds both style and functionality to bikes with up to 35mm tires, allowing riders to protect themselves and their bikes from the elements.

  • Rando Rim Brake Framesets: After a long hiatus, the Velo Orange Rando frameset has returned! Newly designed from the ground up, this frameset features a modernized geometry, fit, and finish that makes for an absolutely sublime all-day and all-night lightweight adventurer.

  • Piolet Bikepacking FramesetsThe Piolet Bikepacking Framesets arrived, catering to the growing interest in bikepacking adventures and providing cyclists with a reliable platform for their off-road journeys. Now featuring thru-axles!

  • 3D Printer: We shouldn't have waited this long to get one! We've been able to print, refine, and iterate on 3 different projects that would have otherwise taken ages to prototype! Plus I can make minifigs for DND :)

And now let's see what's in store for 2024!

  • There and Back Rack (a few pictures are towards the bottom of the post): We teased this one before, and we're starting moves for the next prototype. Re: 3d printer, we made little clips to move the hardware attachment points around and so we should be able to dial in the fit and hardware attachment points perfectly.
  • Aluminum Alloy Frame: We showed a version at this year's MADE Show, and we're super stoked on this. This isn't your 90's Cannondale road frame or bone-rattling Klein. With modern tube shapes, geometry, fit, component ergonomics, and wheels and tires, these are super comfortable and lightweight. The frameset should be able to clear 700x45s with fenders and have a more modern geometry to match. More details soon!
  • 3 Piece Crankset: While the more modern 2pc crankset we talked about last year didn't work out, this one I am much more excited about. It will be able to use your regular square taper bb spindle, but use a 3-bolt direct mount chainring. So you can use a single or double or whatever bcd with adaptors. Plus it'll be chromoly so it will give a very cool flair on any bike!
  • Rear Bag Standoff: If you're anything like me, big transverse saddle bags rub my thighs - and it bothers me to no end! So we're developing a standoff to prevent it from happening. More details on this shortly!
  • A New Addition: on a personal note, Adrian and I are expecting a baby girl in March! So that is the biggest news for us. We're super excited!!

As always, a big thank you to you! Our readers, viewers, customers, dealers, and wholesalers. You allow VO to keep chugging along to produce the parts that you and I like. Thank you.

And a big thank you to the VO staff. Your hard work keeps VO running like clockwork - it is much appreciated.

Thanks so much for a wonderful 2023, and see you in 2024. Happy Riding!


  • G

    Hurrah for you and your growing family! Thank you for all that you do.

  • rjf

    Hi – great vid and recap. I bought two frames in 2023 (Polyvalent, Pass Hunter) and assorted pieces parts. I really like choice, and I think offering an aluminum frame set will be a good option, although I sold my aluminum bikes to go all steel. And finally, I really appreciated the stickers you sent me with the Pass Hunter, I really want to see a “snail or hub” t-shirt (3x) or a patch. Looking forward to see what Velo Orange does in 2024… :)

  • Nicholas

    I know you guys aren’t big with the racing crowd (I wonder how many people like me there are here….?) but I would absolutely love to see an aluminum (or steel, for that matter) criterium/ road race frame from VO.
    At the price/ quality and relatively low volumes you make frames at, it would absolutely be a hit.

    Happy holidays ya’ll.

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