Joseph's American Eagle and Garneau City and Gravel Bikes

by Igor Shteynbuk
I am choosing to share two bikes for the VO Voices because I had a hard time deciding which one I enjoy the most. 
The first is a 1960s era American Eagle (pre-Nishiki) road bike. I bought this bike recently from a fellow bike enthusiast and friend. It is set up as a fixed gear and kept as mechanically simple as possible. I use this primarily as a fun, city cruiser, and commuter bike. I found that the Velo Orange Porteur Handlebar and City Bike Brake Levers were the perfect fit for this bike (and yes, I prefer brakes on my fixed gear bike). 
The second bike I wanted to share is my usual workhorse for commutes and touring. It is a Garneau Garibaldi gravel bike. Missing from the photo but otherwise always attached to this bike are a sturdy rear rack, and a Jack the Bike Rack front rack. When I began regularly commuting with this bike a couple of years ago, I was struggling with finding comfort, even on the shortest rides. Before I found Velo Orange, I was considering selling it to get a more comfortable and practical bike. However, Velo Orange helped me realize that I did not have to. Switching from drop bars to the Crazy Bar was the perfect solution for my comfort problem. This bike has become the most comfortable bike I have ever owned. While I generally ride about 90% of the time with my hands on the swept back portion of the handlebar, having the bullhorns for that other 10% of the time has been game changing. This handlebar provides comfort without sacrificing that more aerodynamic position when I need it the most, like the times when there is a gusting 40mph headwind on my way home from work after a long day at the office. 
As I am scrolling through other VO Voices blog posts, I am starting to see the Neutrino in my future... time to find a problem in my life that it can solve. 
Joseph Anderson

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