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Rubbery Handlebar Tape



We designed this tape for riders that go over varied surfaces during tours and mixed terrain brevets: fire roads, double track, washboard roads, crushed limestone, and gravel. 

The Rubbery design has loads of grip and a generous amount of cushioning. At 3.5mm thick, it has a very nice hand feel, wraps easily, and is long - which is nice for today's wide bars.

The edges feature a taper so when you wrap your bars it can line-up mostly flat, or have a bit more overlap for a chunkier grip. 

Additionally, the included bar plugs are actually really nice quality. You won't be chucking them into the bin like the cheap-o, plastic push in ones.

  • Material: Rubber
  • Length: 200cm
  • Thickness: 3.5mm
  • Weight: 152g including bar plugs
  • Adhesive backed strip down the middle for easy installation

Note: this wrap features three dots that are offset from center. Wrap your bars with the dots all visible.


Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
great quality

I desperately needed to upgrade my handlebar tape, and I'm glad I went with this stuff. It feels really high quality, and looks great.

Ray Ogilvie
Rubbery Rubber

Nice cushioning, stretchy and easy to wrap.

Rubbery Handlebar Tape

This handlebar tape is the best I have ever used on my bicycles soft on my hands lets me ride pain free.I have found out when you build your own bicycle like I do you get to pick the best parts for touring like gearing 11-46 cassette and chain ring 44,34,24 9 speed it really help on touring and every day riding when you have a load of food in your BoB Trailer and your panniers are full as well.And I am getting older here too soon to be 65.The handlebar VelOrange has are the best too.I also use friction shifters.I tell people all the time to shop VelOrange for parts first.

Andrew Kennedy

Rubbery Handlebar Tape

Elias Froehlich
Fantastic with gloves

In most conditions the tape is very grippy, but during some of the hotter days in Portland I'll end up with sweat on my hands and on the tape and, as it isn't absorbent, I will lose some grip. Wearing a pair of biking gloves removes this issue though and I'm very happy with how comfortable and vibration dampening the tape is!

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