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Porteur Handlebar



These style bars were standard issue on Porteur bicycles - and for good reason! They're maneuverable, lightweight, and exceptionally comfortable for riding through the city and country with heavy loads.

  • Width: 48cm
  • Reach: 14cm
  • Grip area: 13cm
  • Rise/drop: 15mm
  • Stem clamp area: 25.4mm

These bars are available in two tubing diameters, 23.8mm for road components and 22.2mm for mtb/city components:

  • 22.2mm (MTB-size) bars accept MTB brake levers and clamp-on shifters. They do not work with bar-end shifters. The only inverse levers that work are Dia Compe levers in the 22.2mm size.
  • 23.8mm (road-size) bars accept standard inverse brake levers, standard bar end shifters, and 23.8mm city brake levers. In short, anything made for road bars fits. They do not accept MTB levers or shifters.

Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
Douglas D.
Very Correct and Could Not Ask For Better Rider Positioning

I do not ride dropped down or upright but sort of in-between, a vertically balanced position not needing hands for support, and with an 80mm stem this Porteur handlebar puts my hands in the right place on the bike and just where I want them to be. This handlebar is made for all-day riding comfort and control.

These are Fun.

Great for city riding. I turned my Boone into a daily driver. I was able to use Sram Level LT levers w/hinged clamps on the 23.8 mm bars with a little help from my friend Dremel. I wanted a bar end shifter so I made it work.


I was picky about bars and spent a long time researching — these are exactly what I was looking for and don't disappoint. I love that they have a slight drop rather than a rise (though you could technically flip it), and that they’re narrower than the typical swept-back style bar. Very reasonable price, to boot!

Randolph Geary
Great product poor packaging.

I am very satisfied with this lighweight handlebar. However, the packaging for the product was terrible. The box was partially open as a result of a poor taping job. And the paper used to cushion the handlebar was not enough to keep it from flopping around. Luckily it was not damaged. But I really like Velo Orange products.

Justine Valinotti
A Favorite

This has become my favorite city/commuter bar. It’s wider than my road drop bars, but not as wide as most other upright or flat bars. Thus, it offers a nice balance between stability and maneuverability. Another plus is that the hand positions are, for me, more comfortable and less of a transition than those on flat bars after riding my road bars.

The quality of this bar, in my estimation, is quite good. Mind you, my road bars are Nittos and classic Cinellis, so my bar (pun intended) is high, if I say so myself.

Perhaps most important of all ;-) this bar looks great on twin-tube mixte bikes.

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