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Postino Handlebar



The Postino Handlebar is a remake of a classic, Italian city bike handlebar and named after the wonderful Italian film. It's a little like our Milan bar, but with zero rise.

The Postino is ideal for those who like a slightly forward position and those who like to ride fast. Like the Milan bar, it's ideal for converting old racing bikes for urban use.

22.2mm diameter accepts standard mountain bike and city bike controls. 57cm wide, zero rise. 25.4mm stem clamp area.


  • Stem Clamp: 25.4mm
  • Grip: 22.2mm
  • Rise: 0
  • Sweep: 45deg
  • Grip Length: 130mm
  • Width: 570mm

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Should have done this before

Transformed the way the bike feels and rides. Great in the city where my drop bars weren't cutting it. Love 'em.

Ken Harper
Postino bars

Great for riding in the city. I use Ergon/ Brooks grips and my ride is very comfortable. The look is classic.

dewi yuslinda
Best quality


The perfect bars for a sporty hybrid bike

This is the only bar I'll use on a hybrid bike. The 45 degree horizontal angle of the bars offers perfect ergonomics for extended gripping - try grabbing a tube of toothpaste or a broomstick, and you'll find your hand naturally holds it at a similar angle. Just be sure to combine this with a grip with a palm rest for maximum comfort, such as Ergon grips

Many people think a backswept flat bar is only good for slow, upright riding. This is emphatically false. What matters is not the shape but how low and forward the bars are; you can set this bar up to be just as sporty as a road bike with the right top tube and stem dimensions, esp. on a hybrid frame with a long top tube (eg Raleigh Redux).

The metallic finish is silvery, very nice and sleek. I've never had any concerns with its strength or durability.

My only quibbles with the bar were that it requires a shim in most cases to be gripped by a stem, and that there's not a lot of real estate on the straight edges of the bars. I wanted to trim the bar width down to be more like a road bike (more athletic perch) but it wouldn't leave a lot of room for brakes, shifter, bell/horn, ebike display if applicable, etc.


Postino rocks!

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