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Decaleurs are traditional quick-release mounts for handlebar bags. Unlike some modern bag mounts, they keep the bag low for better handling and for keeping the handlebars clear. The VO fork mount decaleurs are mounted on the fork's steerer tube either below the headset lock nut or within the spacer stack.

  • Full stainless steel construction
  • Available to fit 1" and 1-1/8" forks
  • Works with most traditional-style bags such as Velo Orange, Acorn, Ostrich, Sologne, Berthoud, TA, LaFuma, and similar
  • Receiver uses a 3mm thick spacer
  • Bag Mount uses 6mm posts
  • Mounting hardware included
  • Posts are 8 cm forward of the front of the headset ring
  • Product weight is 134 grams.  

Please remember that a decaleur is intended as a quick-release mechanism, not a support for the full weight of the bag; the bag must still rest on a rack or on the fender. Fork mounted decaleurs can be bent slightly to adjust the bag's height, but they might not work with very tall or short frames (for those frames we recommend a front rack with an Integrated Decaleur).

Note: We strongly recommend that you use at least one strap or elastic cord, in addition to the decaleur, to secure your bag to your front rack. If you hit a large bump or pothole, it is possible that your bag could bounce up, detaching the bag from the decaleur receiver.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews
Zachary Smith
Happy with the new bag and decaleur

I just redesigned my mixed-terrain/light touring bike, based on a Salsa Warroad frame, so it has a front rack that supports both a boxy bag AND the dry-bag mounts that are on the Warroad fork. The Velo Orange/Roadrunner bag was a perfect fit and the decaleur is light, unobtrusive and secure. Excellent!

Andy z
Awesome, really good for the price, not quite perfect

So affordable! The connection to the bag bracket is really secure, I've never had the bag jostle up and out even on pretty bumpy terrain (Its a super huge Swift rando box bag, but I do strap it down to the rack)

For perfect fit, the decaleur really needs to be bent to your desired angle. There is no good way to do this. Putting the ring in a vise and trying to bend at the weld inevitably results in the warping the ring, and it will no longer sit perfectly flat in the headset stack (not good!). I attempted making the bend at the other end, where the bag support sockets are, and this worked okay. It was not easy at all to achieve the correct angle without distorting the straight lines and/or mis-aligning the orientation. My result is a bag that is supported well, but sits slightly crooked to one side, which just annoys me a little bit but otherwise has no affect.

As others have stated, the decaleur has a tendency to swivel around. I do not have enough stack to put a spacer between the decaleur and my locknut, and I found that my locknut actually works its way loose every few hundred miles as the decaleur continuously swivels a few degrees left and right from the bag getting bumped or leaned against a wall.

I think adding a short tab between the ring and yoke would be a good idea, so one could bend the tab to dial in the angle, instead of trying to bend on a thick weld (impossible) or bending two parallel cro-mo tubes synchronously (very difficult). And some kind of serrated washer type system between the decaleur and the rest of the headset might help with the swiveling issue, or else simply utilizing the slotted steerer tube found on most 1" forks, and putting a notch in the ring that locks into the slot (kind of a no-brainer, right?)

Anyways, I like these enough that I have bought 2.

Caleb Ingle
Well priced

This decaleur is great for the price, but keep in mind that this price is cheap in comparison to other decaleurs on the market. While I don’t have firsthand experience with other brands, I can tell from photos alone that their build quality and finish and far and away superior to that of Velo Orange. Don’t get me wrong, I love this company, but have found that they excel at nailing aesthetics, price, and functionality but fall short on quality and longevity. This decaleur certainly works, and I certainly wouldn’t spend $100+ on something similar from Nitto or Berthoud that would work all the same. However, at least in my bike’s current configuration, this decaleur rattles over bumps and rotates in my headset stack when a lot of weight is in my bag (and yes, I’m using the 1” threaded version). Again, it works how it should albeit with a few caveats, but I haven’t seen it getting any worse during its (short) lifetime. I am worried about it breaking like other reviewers have mentioned, but so far it seems to be holding up okay even after a few jostling excursions onto more technical terrain.

Carlton W
On the short side

Decaleur works fine. Helps hold the bag on there. But the decaleur is not long enough so I can wrap my fingers around the middle of the bar. I wish a set of longer bolts with spacers were included. Maybe the fork crown bolt for fenders?

A decent temporary solution

I had these on two bikes and they both broke after a couple years. I didn't bend them or flip them over, and yes, the bag was supported by a rack. Given the cost I'm not too disappointed.

For me these were a good "gateway" into front loading. Eventually I realized the decaleur itself was the problem, not this specific design. Jan Heine even broke his new $218 RH decaleur during one (very rough) ride. The solution is a rigid bag bolted to the rack. I made mine out of coroplast, but a cloth bag could be stiffened and bolted down too. Then, no decaleur is necessary and you never again have to listen to your bag drum-beating the rack over every little bump.

Other gripes: with a threadless headset, the bag rotates the decaleur on the steerer tube over bumps and around corners, unless the headset is way over-tightened. On a threaded headset, you have to get lucky that your bag is the correct height (because there's only one position for the decaleur to be in) or get a custom bag. The prongs have to be bent so the bag doesn't go flying out over bumps. Until you hit a big bump, then it still flies out.

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