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Dia-Compe 11s Road and 10s Dynasys Downtube Shifters



These are so much more than 11 speed downtube shifters. With over 50mm of total cable pull, these shifters will work with just about any derailleur. We've tested them on Shimano 11 speed road, Shimano 10 speed mountain (Dynasys) and Sensah SRX. Here's what you need to know:

  • Designed for 11 speed, but will work with fewer speeds
  • Better option for 10 speed drivetrains than our other Dia-compe levers
  • Friction (non-indexed), micro ratchet design
  • Right barrel is larger than the left for more cable pull
  • Not compatible with bar end or "thumbie" mounts because of the oversized barrel
  • To calculate the amount of total cable pull your drivetrain requires use the following formula:

    total cable pull = cable pull of intended shifter * (s - 1), where s is the number of speeds of your cassette. If the total is less than 50mm, these shifters should work.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Loughton Smith
Perfect fit

Perfect fit on my new Disc Trucker frame and Advent X 1x10 setup. It was like plug and play to set up and adjust the derailleur. No sweat 👍

William Brozas
Better than expected

I'm using the big barrel shifter in a 1x11 setup with SRAM Rival 1 (plenty of cable pull for this setup). The ratchet mechanism makes it easy to pull where you really only feel the tension of the cable and when the chain shifts to the next cog. When you push the shifter it's all friction like a normal friction shifter. Going into this i was indifferent about the ratchet feature but now that I've tried it I'm a huge fan.

Trevor Simpson
The answer I was looking for. You guys ROCK!

I've been trying many different options to get my Soma Wolverine to run a 1x DT with Shimano Rear D. 10s brifter to a 9s MTB rear D. No go. 10s brifter to 10s MTB Rear D. No go. Add pull ratio adapter. Works, but still not great or acceptable. Dust off the old downtube shifter mount, add a Dia-Compe 11s Road and 10s Dynasys Downtube Shifter and BAM! were off to the races. Cleaned up the cock pit with some tektro SS brake leavers. Bikes working like a charm, Thanks to Velo Orange!

Kurt Roeder
Smooth and reliable

Using these with a new Shimano 105 11-speed cassette and crank set. Works very well, and I can even swap in a campagnolo chorus-11 hub and cog set without adjustment.
These have a similar feel to the old Simplex friction levers, but the much larger barrel makes them compatible with my modern derailleur and cassette. There is a tiny amount of backlash in the ratchet mechanism, but it is really barely perceptible--i don't notice it at all on a ride.
All that friction from handlebar mounted shifters is gone. You get that nice taught pull of the cable directly on the derailleur. It's so sensitive I can feel the chain moving with with my fingertips.

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