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Granola Bar

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The Granola Bar is our take on a traditional city and touring bar while retaining elegant lines and curves that is often lost in many of today's modern offerings. Width is a cool 650mm and rise is generous at 30mm. With 60 degrees worth of sweep, you'll have a fairly upright position with a ton of control. At 180mm in length, the grip area is more than enough for modern sized grips, brake levers, and shifters. The clamp diameter is 31.8mm and the grip diameter is 22.2mm.

  • Width: 650mm
  • Sweep: 6
  • Grip area: 180mm
  • Rise/drop: 30mm
  • Stem clamp diameter: 31.8mm
  • Grip diameter: 22.2mm
  • Weight: 294g

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Amazing Bars

I have both the silver and black on two different bikes and these are great bars for a more upright position without a ton of sweep. They are actually being used on bikes designed for drop bars so they’re a great option for a short reach bike, just throw a pinch longer stem on with them and you are set. They’re basically the sweet spot between a straight MTB bar and a big sweep like the albatross bar.

My bike and I have aged, gracefully

Bought these to do re-build 7.0 of my 1991 Gary Fisher mountain bike. 30 years ago, I did not mind the long, low body position/, need some more upright comfort. These bars did the trick and make a great bikepacking set up. Good control on trails, and can even tackle some challenging singletrack, while handy around town, too. The long grip area works because my hands are pretty big and on don't like my thumb shifter jamming me up too much when I have to get my low gear. A big plus is that my taller daughters can jump on it, too, because the reach is a bit less than with straight bars. I like the mountain bike clamp size since that will let me swap bars if I want to. Good buy.

Awesome bars 5 stars

These added so much comfort (and style) to our factory Cannondale Quick it was amazing. No need to extend the Gear or brake cables. Replacement took 30 minutes tops by a novice. Delivery was much faster than expected.

Excellent for a hybrid bike

The Granola handlebars work as expected: the sweep helps change posture on the bike to alleviate pressure on shoulders and wrists. The bike is now a hybrid mountain bike for urban use... it has its run on trails. I wish though, the elevation would be greater. After much research, the granola bars are the only ones that fit a 30+ clamp.

Great bar!

I switched to the granola bar from drop-bars to recover from hip surgery and I honestly don't know why I didn't do this long before--the bar is so comfortable! And stylish. I'm still adjusting to how wide the bar is but I'm overall very happy.

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