Left Bank Handlebar

Left Bank Handlebar
Left Bank Handlebar

Left Bank Handlebar

Lever Diameter
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We went a bit wild with the Left Bank handlebar's design. It is a full 49cm wide, 7cm wider than a traditional French bar, but still narrower that many British/American-style bars. The grips flare outward a bit to appeal to the less restrained cyclist. Given its radical nature it can only be named the Left Bank handlebar, after that section of Paris, the Latin Quarter on the left bank of the Seine, that was historically populated by students and leftist philosophers.

The stem clamp diameter is 25.4mm and is bulged, rather than sleeved, so it will not squeak. Reach is about 18cm and the rise is 7 cm. Grip area length is 16cm. Polished alloy.

These bars are available in two tubing diameters, 23.8mm road-sized and 22.2mm mountain bike-sized (clamp area is 25.4mm on both):

  • 22.2mm (MTB-size) bars accept MTB brake levers and clamp-on shifters. They do not work with bar-end shifters. The only inverse levers that work are Dia Compe levers in the 22.2mm size.
  • 23.8mm (road-size) bars accept standard inverse brake levers, standard bar-end shifters, and 23.8mm city brake levers. In short, anything made for road bars fits. They do not accept MTB levers or shifters.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 22 reviews
Awesome bars

Super fun to use really changed up the game for me I really thought risers were the best but these are game changer can’t wait to try different upright bars opened up a new world and for the price you can’t go wrong would recommend to a friend

Andrew Richard
Fun and ergonomic!

Love these bars! I got them because I was recovering from a wrist injury, and they are expectedly comfortable and, a little surprisingly, very fun and lively to ride. I highly recommend considering these for single speed city bikes, or for comfort/injury recovery (more details at the bottom).

I have them on a 86 Scwinn Traveller (mid-tier CroMo frame with a less aggressive geometry), converted to single speed. I do almost exclusively city riding, and I love the awareness and increased view i get with the upright posture. Unlike more conventional cruiser type bars, I don't get that boring boat-like feeling with these.

The more I use them, the more I find myself instinctually shifting riding positions around the bars. With inverse brake levers, I can ride: seated fully upright, barely touching the bars; weight spread about 80/20 seat and bars, where I mostly ride; and standing on the pedals out of the seat for climbing or starting from a stop.

The width and the reach are great for getting into a standing position quickly, which is excellent for single speed riding. I feel like I get a lot of leverage from the bars while standing/climbing. The rise and width also makes the standing position feel much more stable and comfortable than on my old drop bars.

Some detail on how these bars have worked for me post injury: about 8 months ago, I wrecked my bike and broke my wrist pretty seriously in a crash. I had a pretty messy Colles fracture, for the curious. luckily, the ER doc set the bone well enough that I was able to avoid getting surgery.

No surgery, however, means more time in a cast, and a longer process to recover full strength and range of motion. I started riding on these bars as soon as I was cleared by my PT doctor, and transitioned back relatively easily. There was definitely soreness after riding, but no worse than I would get after doing my prescribed PT excercises.

The grip section sweeps out at a pretty natural angle for my wrist, which is nice because I still have some instability with pronation/supination. With inverse levers, I feel safe putting little or no weight on my wrist, just keeping my fingertips on the end of the bars. It's easy to get into a more weighted position and brake if I need to. I also have the bar ends angled a fair bit towards the top bar, which helps keep a more ergonomic and natural wrist position.

Obviously, every injury is different, and I am not in a position to give anyone medical advice. But if you're in a similar situation and considering these bars, I would say they're definitely worth a try.

Ellen Lewis
Great Handlebars

Replaced my straight flat bar with V-O Porteurs. Great upright view of the road and environs. Most important: way better hand position. Not putting stress on wrist and neck anymore.

Nate Lind
Another fine product from VO

Not 5 stars only because my preference would be to have these a touch wider. Otherwise, I think they look great on a vintage Schwinn Mesa Runner.

Super cool

I put these on my Gary Fisher Klunker as part of a single speed conversion. Love the look and they are comfortable to ride with. Glad I got one while they were in stock!

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