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My bike journey started in 1991. I received my very first “real” bike; a brand new Haro Shredder. It was my first taste of freedom. I didn’t need any rides from my parents and could get as far as my legs could take me. Then jumps were being built around town, and rhythm sections to kickers were the thrill I was seeking out every weekend. Unfortunately, with the newly acquired driver’s license came by steady decline of time spent on my bike. I didn’t need to ride my bike to places to get food or see friends, my bike became forgotten. It wasn’t until many years later, when I had my first kid that I got back on my bike, with a little one in-tow. And the sense of freedom came rushing back to me. So after a few years of logging some decent mileage, I decided to build myself an ATB, All terrain bike. A bike I can ride any trail I feel like, ride to grab coffee, and bomb the local trails.

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Frame: 2021 Crust Romanceür
Headset: Velo Orange 1” Threaded
Stem: Nitto Dynamic 80mm
Handlebars: Simworks Getaround bar
Levers: Velo Orange Grand Cru 
Cables: Velo Orange Metallic Braided
Shifters: Dia Compe ENE Ciclio 2x11
Brakes: Hayes CX pro
Wheels: Halo Vapour
Crank: Velo Orange Grand Cru 50.4
Pedals: MKS Lambda
Front/Rear Derailleur: Campy Centaur 11spd
Saddle: Brooks B17
Seat post: Nitto 83
Tires: Gravelking 650bx1.9
Grips: Oury

nitto dynamic stem quill silver 1"

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  • Scott Copeland

    Nice build Steven. The marriage between Romanceur and Velo Orange looks like a match made in heaven. Enjoy your ride my friend.

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