Grand Cru 50.4 BCD Crankset

Grand Cru 50.4 BCD Crankset
Velo Orange Grand Cru 50.4 Crankset 46/30 tooth chainrings
Grand Cru 50.4 BCD Crankset

Grand Cru 50.4 BCD Crankset

Crankarm Length
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Renowned among randonneurs and cyclo-tourists, the enduring appeal of classic 50.4 BCD cranks persists. These cranks boast remarkable versatility, accommodating chain rings ranging from 28t to 62t, while maintaining a lightweight design and narrow Q-factor.

Introducing the Velo Orange 50.4 Crankset—a modern reinterpretation of the classic aesthetic with several crucial enhancements. Crafted through cold forging from high-quality 7075 aluminum alloy, these cranks feature thicker rings to eliminate flex common in traditional designs. The outer rings are equipped with contemporary shifting aids like ramps and pins, markedly improving shifting performance. Chainring hardware is constructed from stainless steel and features allen head nuts/bolts. The alumnium dust caps and stainless crank bolts double as self-extracting crank hardware, adding a touch of efficiency to this upgraded classic.


  • Teeth: 46/30
  • BCD: 50.4mm
  • Q Factor: 144mm
  • Chainline: 43.5mm
  • Speeds: 5-11 compatible
  • Taper: JIS square taper
  • Suggested Bottom Bracket Spindle Length: 118mm
  • Pedal Threading: 9/16"
  • Weight: 654 gr (for 170 mm cranks with hardware)


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Customer Reviews

Based on 33 reviews
Had to work out some kinks

Using this crankset with a 124mm English threaded BB from Velo Orange. Have a 48mm chainline and a comfortable widened Q factor. I don’t get along with super narrow Q factors on road cranks so the adjustability of square taper cranks is great for that. On initial setup there was a lot of chainring wobble that caused significant front shifting and chain drop issues. Removing the cranks and reinstalling them opposite of the original orientation has almost entirely fixed this issue. I’m using a 10 speed drivetrain and kept having a recurring issue when downshifting that the chain will get caught between the rings and skate over. To fix this I removed the chainring bolts and filed down 0.4mm from each chainring bolt washer that fixed the small ring. This had entirely eliminated this issue. I was however still experiencing chain-drops, despite using a clutched rear derailleur. I switched my 10 speed KMC x10 chain out for a SRAM PC-1051 and this has pretty much resolved the chain drop problem and now it is front shifting much better. My theory is that the aggressive chamfering on the KMC chain impeded the shift pins ability to grab the chain when upshifting. The chain would slip off the pin before meshing with the big ring, and the chain would be thrown towards the frame sometimes when attempting upshifts. I have 1000 miles on the crank so far on my ritchey outback. It feels stiff and is playing well mechanically after making these changes. The tooth profiles on the big ring make for very quick shifting. However I don’t understand why this crank is listed as 10 and 11 speed compatible as the chainring spacing is too wide and in my case required modification to make work. I also wish the machining on the VO bottom bracket and crank was of better tolerance and did not require removal and installation to minimize chainring wobble. This is not a problem I’ve experienced on anything but the cheapest square taper cranks. On a more positive note it is a quite beautiful crankset and it makes me happy to look at my bike.

Hi Tom,

Interesting your experience with the cranks. I suspect the issue may have to do with the wider bb. I've used our 50.4 with 8-11sp indexed and friction shifting without issue on a number of different setups. Keep us updated!



These cranks are hands down my favorite bicycle component of all time. The stock 46-30t rings are well suite to a variety of riding (especially when paired with a modern wide ratio cassette). I currently own three sets and they have graced at least a half dozen of my project bikes in the last 5 or 6 years - road bikes, MTB, etc. I hope VO continues to sell these for years to come.

If the powers that be at VO read these reviews - please, please consider offering additional chainring size options at some point. For loaded touring / bike packing a 42/26 option in particular would be ever so nice. Currently such an option is available from TA Specialties in France via EBay, but their rings (while quite nice) don't play well with 10 speed and higher chains. I am currently running their 42/26 rings (shown in attached pic) with a Microshift Advent 9 speed drive train w/ 11-40t cassette and it's been a fabulous setup.

Andreas Bludau
Crank it up!

Truthfully, I just wanted a silver 2x crankset for my aging Cross Check. I wasn’t really expecting it to perform wonderfully through 100’s of Rando kilometres (CDN), and a gravel race through the Badlands of ND, not to mention daily commutes in the pothole country that is my hometown! Looks classic and performs confidently, maybe even giving a slight finger to the over zealous looking GX cranksets 😁

very interesting title

Replaced my Campy NR triple with these. Amazing quality and rigidity. Cheaper than trying to source a TA unit with the correct ring sizes you need. 5 flamin’ chilis!

Steven Walker
Form & Function

A great crankset that is readily available and you don’t have to hunt through eBay to find. In a land of all black everything bike parts, it’s nice to know that there are still some silver goodness out there. Paired this with the VO square tapered bottom bracket and it definitely cranks well. Solid purchase.

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