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Dia-Compe Replacement Brake Hoods



These hoods are made to fit non-aero Dia-Compe and Gran Compe road levers. They also fit many other non-aero levers.

Sold as a pair.

Customer Reviews

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Fit 202/204 Levers Perfectly!

I bought these for some early/mid-'80s Dia-Compe brake levers, of the 202/204 variation. Mine are fully smooth levers, no cutouts anywhere, with an engraved and painted "DC" logo at the top of the lever blade. Pearl anodized finish, beautiful levers. The original gum hoods were falling apart and sticking to the lever body, as they do after time.

Once you carefully work the hoods on from the back, they fit 100% on the money. The rubber is thick and stiff, which is both good and bad. The good is that it's durable and holds its shape well. The 'bad' is that it is thick enough at the back (where the lever clamps the bar) that any bar tape (from cloth to EVA 3mm thick stuff) "displaces" the hoods. Meaning that it shoves them forward, making the very front of the hood overhang the brake lever blade by 5-6mm.

As the '80s went on, brake hood design and thickness changed, and tabs were designed into the rubber hood molds to anchor into recesses in the lever body, thus keeping the hoods in place. Hood thickness was thinner (or more pliable), especially toward the back, thus allowing them to easily form to the handlebar and bar tape. So maybe I'll try thinning the hoods, or scalloping them carefully so as to allow them to stay more flush. That, in addition to cutting 6mm slits on the underside of the hoods to allow unobstructed brake lever action.

Good Shimano 600 replacement hoods

These worked really well to replace Shimano 600 EX brake hoods. Easy to install without any need to modify.

Excellent unit

Works near perfect on Shimano levers with no modifications to hoods.

Good fit

I like the pliable rubber used in these hoods. Very nice and great price!

Just what I needed

These fit well on my 1985 Univega Secialisima that have Sun Tour brake levers.

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