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Tektro FL750 City Brake Levers for 22.2 dia Bars



For years we have been bugging Tektro to make a dedicated city bike brake lever, something that will fit most handlebars (22.2mm dia). This is the result! It's a clean and minimalist brake lever made from modern aluminum alloys with Tektro's usual high quality standard, and finished in polished silver.

Compatible only with caliper and cantilever brakes. Uses a road brake cable end.

Sold as a pair.

Customer Reviews

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Ashley Cassolopez
Simplicity at its finest.

These brake levers call back to a simpler time when bike only had seven speeds and cantilever brakes. The sleek lines give this lever a classic look while still being ergonomic. The mechanism itself is simple and lacks necessary moving parts that could break. If your looking for a lever to add to your bike build that recalls the days of yore, this is it.

Simple, Elegant, High Quality Levers at a Reasonable Price - Perfect for a Retro Build

These levers are in keeping with a retro build: I've used them for converting an '82 Trek 730 and a '73 Schwinn World Voyageur to townie bar set-ups and in both cases the levers look the part and work well with the respective caliper and center pull brakes. While you could use old Dia Compe (or whatever) levers, these feel better and look much nicer if you aren't hung up on keeping things strictly period correct. The Tektro logos come off easily with nail polish remover. I also like that these are pretty budget-friendly.

Apologies for the crummy picture, but hopefully it conveys something about how they look installed on an older bike.

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