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Grand Cru Zeste Cantilever Brakeset



The Zeste Brakes may be the most powerful and most adaptable cantilever brakes we've tried. Low-profile cantilever brakes are a favorite among cyclo-tourists and commuters because the design helps them clear luggage and, on small frames, your heels. Dirt trail riders and cyclo-cross'ers will appreciate the double plate design for superior mud-clearing.

The brake's strength and easy modulation is due to the extra-long arms for increased mechanical advantage. But just as important is their excellent adjustability:

  • There are spring tension adjusters on each arm for easy centering.
  • Up and down adjustment in the brake pad slot results in greater frame and fork compatibility; not all canti studs are in exactly the same place on every bike due to manufacturing tolerances or intended specification.
  • A barrel adjuster at the end of the straddle wire means easier setup and fine tuning for perfect clearance and wire angle. You'll wonder why all canti brakes don't have these.
  • Brake pad holders have adjustable toe-in.
  • High-quality, included pads help you stop quickly and safely.
  • The pivot bolts and washers are stainless steel for long term corrosion resistance.
  • Weight for the arms, pads and all the hardware is 292 gr

      Price is for two sets, a bike's worth. Includes straddle hangers, mounting bolts, and cable end caps.

      The instruction page can be found here.

      Customer Reviews

      Based on 5 reviews
      Robert Freed
      Great Brakes

      Put them on a Surly Pack Rat, look and work great.

      Bryan Mondragon
      Sweet Brakes but Tricky Installation

      It was a busy day at the local co-op so it took us nearly 2 hours to get these on right (some paper instructions would've been nice, it's hard handling your phone when you have grit and grease on your hands). Had to stop because honestly you could try to fine tune these for essentially forever, but that's just the name of the game with cantilever brakes. These things look too good though, immediately got compliments on them as soon as we got them on. Started on my ride home and guess what? Squeeeeakkk. Yup, the pads that come with these squeak like a mother, and that was after dialing in the toe-in and cleaning the rims. Had to take sandpaper to the pads and that cleared up the problem. All in all, a great product, but 4 stars for the vague, online-only instructions.

      Daniel Ritter
      3 Builds and Very Happy

      Have put these brakes on 3 recent builds and have been very happy with installation / set up and performance. Attractive, easy to dial in, and at home in a variety of applications. These have become a personal favorite and our customers have been pleased with the results. Caliper style pads are a plus.

      Grand Cru Zeste Cantilever Brakeset

      I have installed two sets of these on two different tandems. They are a little tough to get adjusted, but that is probably because I don't do this everyday. The brakes come with excellent pads and will stop a loaded tandem! I prefer the feel of the cantilever brakes as opposed to the V-brakes that came on one of the bikes. They are constructed well and should hold up for a lifetime of use!

      Philppe Shapiro

      You need to add instructions with the brakes

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