Growtac Equal Brakes, Post Mount

Growtac Equal Brakes, Post Mount
Growtac Equal Brakes, Post Mount
Growtac Equal Brakes, Post Mount
Growtac Equal Brakes, Post Mount
Growtac Equal Brakes, Post Mount
Growtac Equal Brakes, Post Mount
Growtac Equal Brakes, Post Mount
Growtac Equal Brakes, Post Mount
Growtac Equal Brakes, Post Mount
Growtac Equal Brakes, Post Mount

Growtac Equal Brakes, Post Mount

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These Post Mount Equal Disc Brakes from Growtac provide excellent modulation and power with a compact and lightweight design - perfect for your gravel, touring, or all-road bike.

In testing, we've found that the modulation is predictable, the caliper and system stiffness is confidence-inspiring, and the lever feel is natural and comfortable - offering superior performance compared to most other mechanical disc brake calipers on the market. 

Equal brakes are developed and manufactured in Japan. 

  • Cable Pull: Road, short pull
  • Weight per caliper: 138g
  • Pad Actuation: Single piston
  • Japanese-made cables and housing included!

What's included in the box:

  • 2x Growtac Equal Post Mount Brake Calipers
  • 2x road brake cables
  • 2x mtb brake cables
  • 2x compressionless housing (stiff)
  • 2x non-compressionless housing (flexy)
  • Bunch of housing endcaps
  • Mounting hardware for the rear brake

Note: please consult your frame and fork's manufacturer to determine if you need any adaptors, spacers, and the like.

Installation instructions can be found here (pdf).

For replacement pads, you can use Shimano K04, K03, and K05S-RX pads. You'll want to retain the Growtac pad assembly bolt, though, as that is unique to the Growtac calipers.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 21 reviews
Mark Johnston
Worth the Wait

I waited several months to get these in the color I wanted for a Salsa Fargo upgrade for which I wanted the ease of maintaining mechanics brakes. They were well worth the wait! Definitely pricey for a mechanical brake, but by far the strongest I’ve used and near the stopping power of the Shimano hydraulics on my other bike (I can lock up easily with one finger on Apex levers).
Box came with all parts needed including compressionless housing and easy-to-follow installation instructions. Prior to buying these, I dabbled with hybrid brakes on the Fargo and I regret that time and money wasted. Should’ve gone with Growtecs from the start.

Fantastic brakes

Had a set of Klampers which are great but were just too big for my Salsa Fargo. Put a set of Growtacs on and they're easily as strong as the Klampers, easier to adjust and, most importantly, compact. The brushed purple also matched the titanium finish better. Klampers wound up on my Bridge Club and they're doing a great job and work better on that geometry. For the price and size, you can't go wrong with the Growtacs in general.

James Hannan
Fantastic Brakes

They were easy to set up, look really good and I particularly appreciated all of the cable and housing that came with it. These are a little on the spendy side but they work really well and have way better lever feel and power than any other cable actuated disc brake I’ve tried.

David Threadgold

Fantastic brakes. They do what you say. A lot more stopping power compared to my original mechanical brakes.

The best cable brakes your money can buy.

There are too many things to like and one that I didn’t. The quality is all there, from the caliper to the cables & housing to the box they are in. They are light & powerful and the finish of the hard anodizing is beautiful. Exactly what you would expect from a Made in Japan cycling product. Very easy setup with instructions. The included stainless cables and two types of housing is a bonus.

The one thing I had to change out was the cable lockdown screw. It is too soft to torque to the spec’d 4nm. It is a purpose made screw that is edgeless on the part that contacts the cable. I replaced the screw with a larger Allen head to get the torque needed. Make sure you file the rough edge off the bottom and make is flat.

I used SRAM caliper mounts with Campy rotors. Setting the pads was as easy as just dragging the brakes enough to keep pedaling without much resistance. The braking is smooth and powerful if you yank ‘em hard when you need to. So far no noise.

I will go so far to say they are the most powerful cable actuated calipers on the market. Yeah I know Paul makes quality and beautiful Klampers. But they have been around a while now, are heavier, larger, bulky and not as powerful. While not as pretty, IMO the Growtac Equal’s beat them out in all categories. The included cables, fasteners, housings, etc., make them a bargain. You will be happy.

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