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Decaleur Fork Receiver



Spare fork mounts so you can use your bag or basket on more than one bike.

Decaleurs are traditional quick-release mounts for handlebar bags. Unlike some modern bag mounts, they keep the bag low for better handling and for keeping the handlebars clear. The VO fork mount receiver is mounted on the fork's steerer tube either below the headset lock nut or within the spacer stack.

  • Full stainless steel construction
  • Available to fit 1" and 1-1/8" forks
  • Works with most traditional-style bags such as Velo Orange, Acorn, Ostrich, Sologne, Berthoud, TA, LaFuma, and similar
  • Receiver uses a 3mm thick spacer
  • Bag Mount uses 6mm posts
  • Mounting hardware included

Please remember that a decaleur is intended as a quick-release mechanism, not a support for the full weight of the bag; the bag must still rest on a rack or on the fender. Fork mounted decaleurs can be bent slightly to adjust the bag's height, but they might not work with very tall or short frames (for those frames we recommend a front rack with an Integrated Decaleur).

Note: We strongly recommend that you use at least one strap or elastic cord, in addition to the decaleur, to secure your bag to your front rack. If you hit a large bump or pothole, it is possible that your bag could bounce up, detaching the bag from the decaleur receiver.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Duncan Green
Committed user, with suggestions!

I totally agree with Sachi, it should be simple to add a cable stop to this piece, so it can be retrofitted to an older bike with center pulls and limited fork steerer length. I've suggested it a couple of times to VO, with no response. The other issue is that the weight of the bag shifting around tends to unscrew the headset lock nut. You could add a tab at the back on the inside, like many headset lock washers have, to go in the slot on the back of the steerer tube. For unslotted forks, just file it off. That's my two cents! That being said, I do use the VO system on several bikes, with other fixes for these issues. It would just be so elegant to have all the solutions in one component!

Leigh-Ann Soucie
Decaleur review

Great item. Really helps to stabilize by Rando bag

Sachi Wilson
Needs a version with a cable stop

I use the VO decaleur on several bikes. Many work perfectly with the existing headset, but on some bikes with center pull brakes the fork is not long enough to accept both the decaleur and the cable stop for the brake. I would love to see a VO fix for that!

John Irvine
Easy way to add a decaleur

I have these on a couple of bikes. It's the easiest way to add a decaleur attachment - no custom stem bolts required. I even made a custom attachment for the Mini Rando bag, to keep it away from the handlebars.

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