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Rack to Light Bracket



This is a nifty little stainless steel mounting bracket with stainless steel hardware to attach a light to your front rack.

Made in USA.


Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Richard S.
Just what I needed

I have a Soma Rack Porteur Deluxe Front Black CrMo and no real way to mount the lights to it besides on the side. I had been doing that with Origin 8 braze on mounts, but I kept knocking them and one eventually bent a little bit. So these helped me so that the lights were mounted directly in front of the rack and facing forwards. They're out of the way and I don't bump them or knock them at all, and they sit up nice and high! Would recommend. I honestly don't remember if I added an extra washer that didn't come in the package or not. And I also needed a longer bolt which I had spares of.

Michael R

I'm using this Bracket to connect a Busch & Müller IQ-X headlight to a stem mounted rack, and it's proven to be quite sturdy and reliable after several long rides now. My rack does not have a mounting point for this Bracket, so I modified a "universal line clamp" from an automotive supply store to join the VO Bracket to my rack's tubing. I also added a longer bolt where the Bracket joins the headlight's mounting ring, and a couple of toothed lock washers for a better grip. The fact that I had to replace the Bracket's supplied hardware with other pieces to suit my application is the reason for the 4 star rating instead of 5.


Unfortunately, the included hardware doesn’t quite work as expected. One of bolts was barely long enough to secure it to a Velo Orange rack and the other bolt is not long enough to secure the lamp. It’s a great price for a decent little piece / bracket but frustrating that it doesn’t work quite right “out of the box”.

Marc Reif
Useful, nicely made

Well-designed, smoothly-finished little piece of stainless steel that does exactly what I needed, allows me to mount lamp away from rack to clear basket, bag, etc. Comes with quality stainless screws and washers.

Oliver Albertini
simple and elegant solution

I have a Velo Orange porteur rack and I am using this bracket to mount a SON headlight. It does the trick, although the bolts that come with this bracket are not quite long enough. Longer bolts would be nice!

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