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Grand Cru Long Setback Seatpost



These two-bolt seat posts have a generous 30mm of setback, among the longest ever. This is very important for those who ride leather saddles that often have little fore-and-aft adjustment due to the short rails.

The VO seatpost is internally ovalized to reduce weight to 301g. The adjustment is from the bottom, and the two-bolt design makes it easy to precisely adjust the seat angle. Also note that the head is integral with the post, not pressed on as on many modern posts. This makes them stronger and lighter.

27.2mm only x 300mm. Maximum height (above the min. insert line) is about 23cm.

Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews

Grand Cru Long Setback Seatpost

Grand Cru

A few rides in and liking the new post. It allowed me to get my seat back without slamming the saddle back and putting too much stress on it. Looks great as well.

Very Good Product

Very high quality product, the finishing very nice. fast shipping delivery. Highly recommended. Seller very responsive and supportive.

A seat post that really ties the bike together!

I love the look and feel of this seat post. At some point after changing to a leather saddle it became apparent that I needed more offset. The Grand Cru is about half the price of the other options I was considering and it looks awesome, too. I'd definitely recommend it, it ended up being a huge upgrade in bike fit and looks as well!

great co and product

thank you for having this product it solved my seat adjustment prblem
and thank you for your quick response in shipping
your website is great and easy to use

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