Darvin's Rolling Stone Custom Bike Made by Relstone Cycles

2 comments by Igor Shteynbuk
Project VA is my vision to use my bike building gift to support Veterans who find peace on two wheels. As a civilian, I do not know what it means to go to war. However, as a lifelong cyclist, I do understand the therapeutic benefits of a simple bike ride. I refer to the peace I feel while riding as my Happy Place. The goal of Project VA is to build custom bikes for Veterans so they can find their own Happy Place where they are at peace. I just finished the second of what I hope will be many; and I have made a personal commitment to sponsor a Veteran every year for as long as I can. This project will never reach large numbers of Veterans, but for those sponsored, it has the potential to have a big impact on their life.
This year’s recipient is Darvin. Darvin is a Marine and all-around great guy. I built Darvin a custom road bike with an upright riding position, custom wheels, curved top tube, wireless shifting, wireless dropper post and lugged silver brazed frame, fork, and stem. I am greatly appreciate your support with many excellent components and accessories from Velo Orange.
I laced the rims to Velo Orange front and rear hubs that were converted to work with Sram XDR cassettes. I also used Velo Orange skewers. The fenders are Velo Orange 38 mm mounted with Sheldon’s Nuts, extra set of stays in the front and blue Loctite on all the hardware. The brakes are my favorite Grand Cru long reach calipers with matching levers. The pedals are Grand Cru. The handlebars are Velo Orange with a brass bell of course!
I feel so honored to have the opportunity to build this bike for Darvin. I hope it provides many years of peace and enjoyment in Darvin’s Happy Place riding
along the banks of the Great Miami River.


  • Clarissa Y Stevens

    What an awesome and kind gesture to devote an entire year to build, create and customize a bike in support of a veteran to support his well-being.
    Major Kudos 👏👏👏 to you Mr. Guy Stone.

  • Scott O’Leary

    Really great thing to do for someone who will really appreciate it.

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